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Seven Secret Features of Mountain Lion That No One's Talking About
By Lynn Beighley
Sep 7, 2012
Lynn Beighley, author of OS X Mountain Lion: Peachpit Learning Series, discloses seven cool time- and finger-saving features you probably wouldn't discover on your own in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
Building a Basic AppleScriptObjC (Cocoa-AppleScript) Application with Xcode
By Ben Waldie
Sep 6, 2012
Ben Waldie, author of Automator for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: Visual QuickStart Guide and host of the Mac Automation Made Simple video training series, shows us how to create a simple interface-based AppleScript project. With Xcode and AppleScriptObjC, you can use what you learn here to develop more advanced solutions that simplify and speed up everyday Mac activities.
Master Your Files in OS X Mountain Lion
By Jeff Carlson
Aug 20, 2012
Files are the foundation of working within OS X, and you can make them work to your advantage.
OS X Mountain Lion: Game Center for Playing with Friends
By Lynn Beighley
Jul 26, 2012
Game Center is an app that manages your collection of Mac games, keeping track of them and giving you an easy way to boast about your prowess to others. But it’s much more than that. Use Game Center to connect with friends, and see what games they’re playing and how well they are doing. In this excerpt from OS X Mountain Lion: Peachpit Learning Series, Lynn Beighley shows you how to use it.
iOS 5 Core Frameworks: Core Location and Map Kit
By Shawn Welch
Mar 29, 2012
By pulling a user’s location, you make the data in your app more relevant to your users. Shawn Welch discusses iOS 5 enhancements to location services including forward and reverse geocoding, placemarks, and regions.
Apple Pro Training Series: OS X Lion Server Essentials: Managing Accounts
By Arek Dreyer, Ben Greisler
Jan 23, 2012
Account management in OS X Lion encompasses fine-tuning the user experience by managing preferences and settings for users, groups, devices, and device groups. Ben Greisler and Arek Dreyer show you how.
Apple Pro Training Series: OS X Lion Support Essentials: Supporting and Troubleshooting OS X Lion: Data Management
By Kevin M. White
Dec 6, 2011
This chapter focuses on the composition and organization of the files and folders that make up Lion. In this chapter you, acting as an administrator, will use the file layout to strategically allocate resources. You will also work with many Mac-specific file technologies, including resource forks, packages, Quick Look, and Spotlight. Finally, you will use the built-in features for archiving data on the Mac, and learn how to back up and restore data using Time Machine.
Replacing the MobileMe Features Lost in iCloud
By Ryan Faas
Sep 28, 2011
Apple's upcoming iCloud service will replace MobileMe with new features, but some staple features are getting left behind. There are some excellent alternatives for existing MobileMe users, and Mac expert Ryan Faas walks you through the choices
TextEdit for Word Processing in Mac OS X Lion
By Robin Williams, John Tollett
Sep 22, 2011
Robin Williams and John Tollett show you how to work with TextEdit, a small yet surprisingly powerful word processor, in this chapter from their book, Mac OS X Lion: Peachpit Learning Series.
The Mac OS X Lion Project Book: Making Magic
By Scott McNulty
Sep 12, 2011
Lion comes equipped with tools that allow you to create professional-looking results without spending a professional amount of money. Scott McNulty shows you how to edit snapshots, create a slideshow, and create a simple Web site using Mac OS X Lion.
Mac OS X Lion: Visual QuickStart Guide: Window Views
By Maria Langer
Aug 18, 2011
In this chapter, Maria Langer tells you more about how to work with Mac OS X’s window views. By understanding how each view works and what features it offers, you should be able to decide which views work best for the things you need to do.
Mac OS X Lion Pocket Guide: Master Your Files
By Jeff Carlson
Aug 17, 2011
Files are the foundation of working within Mac OS X Lion. Jeff Carlson shows you how to make them work to your advantage.
Mac OS X Lion Finder Windows
By Robin Williams
Aug 10, 2011
This chapter walks you through a number of short exercises to help you feel comfortable using Finder windows, which are a fundamental element of your Mac.
Ten Lion Tips for Snow Leopard Users
By Maria Langer
Aug 4, 2011
There are a lot of little changes from Snow Leopard to Lion. Rather than concentrating on the big new features of Mac OS X Lion, Maria Langer covers ten smaller changes in an effort to help Mac OS X Snow Leopard users make the jump to Lion.
10 Reasons to Switch to Mac OS X Lion
By Tom Negrino
Jul 21, 2011
Mac OS X 10.7 Lion has a slew of brand-new features and improvements. Tom Negrino offers ten reasons why you should upgrade.
Time Machine Enhancements and Alternatives
By Ryan Faas
Nov 3, 2010
Fortunately there are some easy ways to customize Time Machine, and Mac expert Ryan Faas describes a wide range of alternative Mac backup options that can fit the needs of any Mac user.
Tips and Tools for Managing Disk Space in Mac OS X
By Ryan Faas
Sep 16, 2010
Whether your problem is trying to save routine work files or speeding up your Mac's sluggish performance, Ryan Faas offers a set of solutions to clear out the overflow and improve your storage organization.
Data-Recovery Options Under Mac OS X
By Ryan Faas
Sep 9, 2010
Ryan Faas examines native and external options for Mac users who hope to get back their lost photos, client databases, and other precious files.
The Top Mac Hard Drive Utilities, 2010 Edition
By Ryan Faas
Aug 4, 2010
Ryan Faas, updating his highly popular article from 2007, evaluates some of the best tools for analyzing and repairing problems with Mac hard drives and directory structures.
Cocoa Recipes for Mac OS X: Add Controls to the Document Window
By Bill Cheeseman
May 6, 2010
Controls are a commonplace of every application. They range from the simplest push button to complex devices like the date picker. In this recipe, Bill Cheeseman shows you how to create simple push buttons, navigation buttons with graphics, and complex controls, a date picker and a search field, for more sophisticated navigation.

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