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Adding keywords to your images with Lightroom at the initial import stage. Five SQL Tips in Five Days, Part 5

Stock photographers use keywords to categorize their work so people looking for stock photographs can quickly find suitable images.

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Lightroom's new Graduated Filter Adjustment. Five Lightroom Tips in Five Days, Part 4

Today, let's use the graduated filter adjustment at an angle to make a gradual adjustment to the blown-out sky in the upper-left-hand corner of an image. 

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Shortcut keys for the Basic image adjustment controls with the Lightroom 2 Develop module. Five Lightroom Tips in Five Days, Part 3

Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate Lightroom 2's Basic image adjustments panel and you'll be spending less time in front of the computer and more time behind the camera!   

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Lightroom 2.0 Painting in local corrections with the Adjustment Brush, Five Lightroom Tips in Five Days, Part 2

With the addition of the local correction brush in Lightroom 2.0, you can substantially reduce your time spent in an external editor. Committing these simple adjustment brush keyboard shortcuts to memory will have you working like a pro in the digital darkroom.

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Flex your image processing muscle with Lightroom 2's 64-bit support: Five Lightroom Tips in Five Days, Part 1

One of the significant improvements in Lightroom 2.0 is that it's now possible to work in 64-bit mode. Taking advantage of this power is the key to boosting your performance, whether you use Windows or a Mac.

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