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After Effects and Flash: Together at last

This week we feature two articles on our site from Richard Harrington and Marcus Geduld. One is on Flash essentials for those of you who currently use After Effects and want to incorporate Flash into your projects. The other is for the Flash user who is ready to dive into After Effects.

The articles are excepts from the authors' new book, After Effects for Flash | Flash for After Effects: Dynamic Animation and Video with Adobe After Effects CS4 and Adobe Flash CS4 Professional. The book explores both basic and advanced uses for each application. Each chapter focuses on a particular function of the program, teaching you how to create content for Flash with After Effects, enhance your projects with 3D, compress video with Adobe Media Encoder, and add interactivity, accessiibility, and searchability to your video, to name a few.

On that last topic, there's another great article this week from the authors here (click the Downloads tab) and at Pro Video Coalition that describes adding search to your video.

Todd Kopriva, After Effects doc lead had nice things to say about the book on his blog this week too—thanks, Todd!

It's like the old "You've got your chocolate in my peanut butter" ad for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: These programs are great are their own but when you learn to incorporate both into a new integrated workflow in your projects , the results are pretty powerful.