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Colby Brown Twitterview Transcript

By  May 1, 2012

Topics: Digital Photography

On May 1st, Colby Brown joined us for a lively Twitterview about how photographers can use Google+ to build a following and connect with other photogs and customers. Relive the magic with this transcript.

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Peachpit @CBphotography09 Let's get this Twitterview started! #googlephotog

Peachpit @CBPhotography09 First of all, congrats on your new book, Google+ for Photographers! #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpitThanks. It was a lot of fun writing a book about two topics I love. Google/Social Media and Photography #googlephotog

Peachpit @CBPhotography09 Why should photographers join Google+? Is it better than Facebook and/or Twitter? Why? #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit G+ is an important network to be active on for 2 reasons. 1.) Much high potential for personal interaction 2.) SEO +#googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit The structure of the network feeds on interaction and features like Hangouts are unlike any other on the net. + #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit By SEO I am talking about search results. Google = 67% of search online. Being active on G+ can help ur search rank #googlephotog

Peachpit @CBPhotography09 Good point! So what makes Google+ particularly appealing to photographers? #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit It started with the beautiful UI and layout, allowing our images to look much better then other social networks + #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit On top of that, the ability to engage with colleagues, customers and clients in personal ways is HUGE and vital + #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit in a changing photo industry and digital world, where we are trying to bring the social back into the way we connect #googlephotog 

Peachpit @CBPhotography09 If you haven’t signed up for Google+ yet and are ready to explore, where would be the best place to start? #googlephotog 

CBphotography09 @peachpit The great thing about G+ is that it is more of a social membrane that connects social to the net, then a social + #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit network on its own. These means that if you have a YouTube or Gmail acct already, you already have a G+ acct + #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit Just head to and dive in #googlephotog

Peachpit @CBPhotography09 Perfect! So how much time do you spend updating Google+? #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit When I am here at the office, I spend most of my social/marketing time on G+ these days. A few hours sounds right #googlephotog

Peachpit @CBPhotography09 Have you been offered any opportunities due to your involvement with Google+? Can you tell us about them? #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit Having a large social networking follow has its benefits. Many companies that are looking 4 exposure have reached +#googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpitout to me looking for more exposure for their brand. Another example is this book, which was originally a free + #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit guide I wrote to help photographers jumping on the network in the early days. #googlephotog

Peachpit @CBPhotography09 Very cool. The Google+ for Photographers conference is May 22-23. How are you involved? #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit I am part of a group of pro photogs that will be holding photo workshops, photo walks and panel discussions + #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit with conference attendees, helping to showcase how to get the most out of your G+ experience as a photog #googlephotog

Peachpit @CBphotography09 (For those interested, more info & register for the G+ for Photogs conference here:

Peachpit @CBPhotography09 Your book features interviews w/ photogs active on Google+. Can you name some that we should follow? #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit I was fortunate to have many good friends and extremely talented photogs involved in the book, here are a handful +#googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit @brianmatiash @catherine_hall @treyratcliff @elialocardi @jarvie @timecatcher and @patelJP @varina_patel + #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit and @akoloskov #googlephotog

Peachpit @CBPhotography09 From @panharley What is the best way to grow your circles? #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit @panharley ENGAGE ENGAGE ENGAGE. 2 many people think just having great photo work is enough. If you spend the time +#googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit @panharley to get to know those on any social network, it will pay off in spades. #googlephotog

Peachpit @CBPhotography09 Good advice! How can involvement with the Google+ community help photogs hone their skills? #googlephotog 

CBphotography09 @peachpit There are many talented photogs on G+, pro and amature alike. Most are willing to share the knowledge and skills, +#googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit but you have to engage with them in order to start a dialog. Can't sit on the sidelines :) #googlephotog

Peachpit @CBPhotography09 From @FromPicturestoP: How do u use Extended Circles to promote ur services? Is it different with Public Cs? #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit @FromPicturestoP Extended circles are = to friends of friends. I you don't want to share with the world + #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit @FromPicturestoP I recommend sharing to public. This allows ur posts to be indexed by Google 4 public search #googlephotog

Peachpit @CBPhotography09 So how does Google’s powerful search engine, or other Google features, play into Google+? #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit because G+ is the social layer that connects all things Google, you have amazing access to nearly all of their + #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit products or services. Those that are not there yet, are coming soon. Google is known for search, which when mixed +#googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit w/ social elements is limitless. The degree that G+ will B able 2 understand how we socialize is mind boggling :) #googlephotog

Peachpit @CBPhotography09 The book mentions the importance of gaining quality followers rather than quantity. How do you do this? #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit This comes back to engaging and getting to know your audience. 2 many people focus on how many people follow +#googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit them rather then the quality of those interactions or relationships. Concentrate on building relationships and u + #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit will get 10x more out of having 100 followers then having 10,000. Don't let your ego get in the way of ur success #googlephotog

Peachpit @CBPhotography09 Are there any upcoming G+ developments that you foresee? Any features you’d like to see added? #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit G+'s biggest challenge is giving communities an easy pathway for organic growth. The photo community is self + #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit sustaining because we all came for the features. We need public circles or nested groups, giving people like my + #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit wife the ability 2 easyily join a community on gardening or parenting, 2 of her passions. rt now that is not easy#googlephotog

Peachpit @CBPhotography09 Wow, it looks like we are already out of time! Thanks for a great Twitterview! #googlephotog

CBphotography09 @peachpit my pleasure. thanks for having me. see you all on G+ :) #googlephotog

Peachpit Thanks for tuning in for our @CBPhotography09 Twitterview! Check out his book, Google+ for Photographers: #googlephotog

Peachpit You can find @CBphotography09 on G+ here: @Peachpit is here: Join the fun! #googlephotog