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ColdFusion beta software goes public

On Monday, Adobe released public betas of ColdFusion 9 and of a new product, ColdFusion Builder.

ColdFusion 9, the latest version of Adobe's powerful Internet application development tool, is available for download from Adobe Labs.

ColdFusion Builder is an Eclipse-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for ColdFusion, analogous to the role played by Flex Builder (or Flash Builder) in relation to Flex.

Watch this space for future announcements from Adobe Press about updates to our Adobe ColdFusion Web Application Kit series of books. In the meantime, series author Ben Forta (Senior Technical Evangelist at Adobe) has published articles on the new releases at, one on ColdFusion 9, and one on ColdFusion Builder.

Ben (together with co-author Ray Camden) has also recorded a series of videos about the new software, which can be viewed on AdobeTV.