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Creating Panorama's in Lightroom 2

One of the new features of Lightroom 2 is a tighter integration with Photoshop CS3. One of those options is the ability to select photos in Lightroom and send them directly into Photoshop's PhotoMerge function.

In Lightroom 1, you can select multiple images and send them to be edited in Photoshop. Once they render and appear in Photoshop you can then send them to PhotoMerge. This workflow is not a hardship in and of itself, just a few more clicks and a little more time to get to the same end. Where Lightroom 2 outpaces Lightroom 1 is its maximum pixel dimension limit for imported images has been raised from 10,000 pixels per side to 30,000 pixels per side. So, while you can bring photos into PhotoMerge from Lightroom 1, depending on how large the finished product turns out to be, you may not be able to bring them back into Lightroom.

This level of round-trip seamless integration with Photoshop CS3 (this requires version 10.0.1 to work) takes the panoramic building workflow up a few notches! If you'd like to see this feature in action check out this video demo from Lightroom team member Frederick V. Johnson.