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Final Cut Express 4 just announced and released

Apple has just released of Final Cut Express 4, and the software is available for sale immediately at the Apple Store for the reasonable price of $199, or $99 for the upgrade.

 (Sheez, what's with all the lower prices lately, Apple?)

This version of the software includes the new Open Format Timeline, which was new for Final Cut Pro in its latest release. With it, you can edit a variety of supported formats (standard or high-def) and mix them in real-time, including the newly support AVCHD format.

Especially cool for those using iMovie for their simpler projects, you can now import those projects and work on them in Final Cut Express if you want to buff them up with more sophisticated looks. You have over 50 new FxPlug filters to choose from!

Peachpit's Final Cut Express 4 books will be available for sale soon. Check back soon on our Web site for details.