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Jeff Carlson Twitterview Transcript

By  Apr 25, 2012

Topics: Digital Photography

On April 25th, Jeff Carlson joined us for a lively Twitterview about the latest tool for photographers: the iPad. Relive the magic with this transcript. (You can also snag his entire eBook, The iPad for Photographers, for only $9.99 this week:

Peachpit @JeffCarlson Let's get this Twitterview started! #ipadphotog

Peachpit First of all, congrats on your new book, The iPad for Photographers! #ipadphotog

Peachpit @JeffCarlson So why should photographers consider getting an iPad? #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson Thanks for the congrats! Wow, where to start about why photogs should get an iPad? +  #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson For no other reason, it's a great portfolio. Shows your images really well, especially the new Retina display iPad. +  #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson But iPad can also replace a laptop in the field. Review shots on the large screen, edit, share, etc.  #ipadphotog

Peachpit Wow, so you can edit photos on your iPad? Which programs do you use? #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson There's an amazing array of photo editing apps out there. iPhoto for iOS is newest and is impressive. +  #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson In fact, here's an example of using iPhoto to pull detail out of a so-so image: + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson But I also like SnapSeed (esp for its interface), Photogene 2, and Photoshop Touch. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson (The free chapter of the book online includes Snapseed and Photogene. iPhoto and PSTouch are in addendum, since +  #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson ... they came out when the book was on press. Ebook buyers should the info in their file.) +  #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson Those are the biggies, but there are lots more. For example, piRAWhna edits RAW files directly.  #ipadphotog

Peachpit @JeffCarlson Lots of options! Do you have a favorite? #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson I like Photogene a lot, which is why I chose it as a representative sample in the book. But iPhoto is good, too. +  #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson Also, lots of special-use tools. TouchReTouch can erase problem areas (like Photoshop's content-aware fill feature). +  #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson And, of course, there are a TON of apps that add filters, effects, etc.  #ipadphotog

Peachpit Very cool. Your book also mentions that your iPad can trigger the camera shutter remotely. How does it do that? #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson Using an app called DSLR Remote HD, you can preview and shoot from the iPad. +  #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson It requires that your DSLR is connected (by cable) to a computer running DSLR Remote software. +  #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson Looking forward to a wireless trigger solution, but not quite there yet. (Nikon's new dongle is close, I think, +  #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson ... but not yet compatible with iOS, AFAIK.) Still, remote trigger is pretty cool, for two reasons. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson If camera is locked down, you get larg view of what you're shooting, better instant feedback. & you can move around. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson Also, if you have clients in the studio, they can review shots without having to stand over your shoulder. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson Seat them in a comfy couch with sparkling water and tell them not to hit the shutter button! :-) + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson Other tools exist, too. If you use CaptureOne software to organize photos on computer, Capture Pilot HD does remote. #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson There's even an app called Remote Shutter that lets you shoot an iPhone's cam from iPad or vice-versa. #ipadphotog

Peachpit @JeffCarlson The possibilities are really incredible. So what are some other unique uses for iPads? #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson One reason I wrote this book was ability to review shots on the go, instead of waiting to get to computer (or hauling laptop) + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson Other options: Import from camera using Apple iPad Connection Kit; send photos to iPad wirelessly using Eye-Fi card. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson The point is, how to get started reviewing photos during slow times, like flight or train or eve on vacation. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson To act on all that great imagery you've shot while it's fresh in your mind. So that led to being able to + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson .. rate and review photos in the field, which to me is huge. Find the good shots, edit if needed, and share + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson ... to Flickr, Facebook, etc. while it's all still fresh. And, of course, all the other benefits of an iPad: + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson ... read books, get online, store cam manuals and books (like mine!) without hauling paper everywhere. Long list. :) #ipadphotog

Peachpit Sounds like having an iPad would certainly help with photographer efficiency! #ipadphotog

Peachpit @JeffCarlson From @Omug: Have you found an iPad case suited for protecting the iPad in camera bags AND quick access on a shoot? #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit @Omug I haven't explored many iPad cases, because I really like the Smart Cover. Keeps the whole thing slim. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit @Omug It fits snugly in my ThinkTank Retrospective bag. If I wanted more protection, I'd get a snug-fit iPad back. #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson (Related. The new Retrospective 7 looks intriguing; ext pocket just for iPad or MBAir.) + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson (Disclaimer: I'm not plugging for ThinkTank. Just a happy customer.) #ipadphotog

Peachpit Shooting JPEG or RAW? Why is this decision important for photographers that want to use their iPad? #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson Good Q. One drawback to the iPad is that it doesn't natively handle raw images. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlsoniPad will import raw, but only uses the JPEG previews for display and editing. (Exception being apps like piRAWhna.) + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson So it's a tradeoff: you want raw for best quality/flexibility later, but doesn't help you on the iPad itself. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson JPEG is fine, too, and if your camera doesn't shoot raw, your choice is made. So, you need to decide up front. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit That helps determine your workflow with the iPad. If you shoot raw and edit on iPad, then you're tracking 2 files + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit … when you get back to your computer. (Oh and storage: raw takes up more space, important if you have 16 GB iPad). + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit *In general*, if you expect to do a fair bit of editing/sharing from the iPad, I suggest shooting raw+JPEG. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit (If your camera supports it.) You get higher-res JPEGs to work with, while still keeping raw for later. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit Otherwise, you're relying on the JPEGs the camera creates. Which might be okay. But you need to test for yourself. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit Find which method works with how you're shooting/reviewing/editing. (The book includes several workflow options.) #ipadphotog

Peachpit @JeffCarlson From @rick_baumhauer Any updates on external storage options (like the Seagate GoFlex Satellite)? #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit @rick_baumhauer Another good Q. I've used the GoFlex Satellite a bit, and a recent firmware update improved things. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit @rick_baumhauer For me, best feature is ability to send files FROM iPad TO external storage. But I'm cheating a bit + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit @rick_baumhauer … because that's with Photosmith 2.0, covered in the book, and not quite released. But it works. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit @rick_baumhauer That's important because it gives you a backup in the field. Essential. iOS makes it difficult + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit @rick_baumhauer .. to get photos OFF the iPad. There was a product at Macworld that also looked interesting + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit @rick_baumhauer … that I'm spacing on now. Haven't tried. Head of company looked at me like I was crazy when I + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit @rick_baumhauer … told him about my book and interest, so I don't expect a review unit to arrive. :-) #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit @rick_baumhauer Otherwise, the GoFlex Satellite is designed to store media that can stream via Wi-Fi TO the iPad. #ipadphotog

Peachpit @JeffCarlson Can you edit video on the iPad? Do you cover that in the book, too?#ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit Yes, you can absolutely edit video, using iMovie for iOS, which I cover in the book. It's very slick. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit And iMovie now accepts video imported from DSLRs (earlier it was pretty much just iPhone video). Import vid to + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit … Camera Roll, and iMovie can pick it up. Avid Studio also edits, but I admit I haven't had a chance to use much. + #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit But iMovie also gives you ability to create slideshows, which can be nice. Make a music vid of vacation easily. #ipadphotog

Peachpit @JeffCarlson Wow, it looks like we’re out of time. Thanks for a great Twitterview! #ipadphotog

Peachpit Thanks for tuning in for @JeffCarlson's Twitterview! Snag his The iPad for Photographers eBook for $9.99! #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson @Peachpit Wow, that was a quick hour! Thanks! And I encourage people to visit for more info, ask Qs. #ipadphotog

jeffcarlson Also remember that The iPad for Photographers ebook (EPUB & PDF together) is just $9.99 this week! #ipadphotog