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Live Twitterview with David DuChemin

By  Oct 24, 2011

Topics: Digital Photography

Take a deeper look at photography in an action-packed Twitteview with author and photographer, David DuChemin.

Author of Within the Frame, VisionMongers, and Vision & Voice, David DuChemin also just finished writing his 4th book, Photographically Speaking: A Deeper Look at Creating Stronger Images, which is now available. David will answer your most pressing questions in easy-to-manage 140-character bites via Twitter on Tuesday, November 22, at 11 am PST.

To tune in, just follow @Peachpit and @pixelatedimage. You can even set up a Tweetdeck group with just those 2 tweeps and follow along or search for this hashtag: #ducheminPS. You can also follow along with the interview at

In the Twitterview, @pixelatedimage will talk about what makes a great photograph and will reveal the import aspects of "visual language" that are needed to create a compelling image. He'll also share stories from his inspiring photography travels and adventures.

Send your questions for David to @Peachpit or post them as comments to this blog with your Twitter name. We'll pick a few random questions to ask, and if yours is chosen, you win a free copy of Photographically Speaking!