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Rise of the DEO Twitterview Transcript

By  Oct 1, 2013

Topics: Design

On October 1, @Peachpit sat down with the @RiseoftheDEO authors for an inspirational Twitterview about their new book. Relive the fun with this transcript of the event.

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO Let’s get this Twitterview started! #riseofthedeo

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO 1st of all, congrats on your new book, #RiseoftheDEO!

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO What is a DEO? #riseofthedeo

@RiseoftheDEO: A DEO is a hybrid: part strategic business executive and part creative problem solver  #riseofthedeo 

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO Who is the book written for? #riseofthedeo

Anyone who thinks the future lies in the combined skills of creativity and leadership, esp Millenials who know the current approach is not working #riseofthedeo 

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO Which world conditions make this the perfect time for DEOs vs. CEOs? #riseofthedeo

@RiseoftheDEO:   Constant change, uncertain future, need for smart risktaking, rise of social networks and frustration with too much planning and not enough doing. #riseofthedeo

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO What are the characteristics of DEOs that would make them successful in the current environment? #riseofthedeo

@RiseoftheDEO:   DEOs have the ability to combine seeming opposite skills like intuition and analytics or creativity and systems thinking. + #riseofthedeo

They don’t think in a “top down” manner—they think about connecting to others and serving as a role model #riseofthedeo

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO Who are some of the great DEOs in business today? (via @FromPicturestoP) #riseofthedeo

@RiseoftheDEO:   We profile 7 in the book. In addition, we’d add Cory Booker (govt), Tim Brown (IDEO), Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and more. #riseoftheDEO

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO How do DEOs approach leadership differently? #riseofthedeo

@RiseoftheDEO: DEOs lead from a creative position, not a hierarchical position. They lead most often through example and through collaboration. #riseofthedeo

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO How have you seen the concept of DEOs integrated into the workforce? #riseofthedeo

DEOs operate everywhere. They found startups, they build agencies, they run non-profits, they teach and they lead giant corporations. We profile each of these. #riseofthedeo

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO What kind of resistance to DEOs face inside their companies? #riseofthedeo

@RiseoftheDEO: People who are not passionate or engaged in what they do rarely like DEOs. It’s hard to “skate by” when you’re working with a DEO. #riseofthedeo

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO Can anyone be a DEO or are some people just naturally meant to be  #riseofthedeo

@RiseoftheDEO: Some people are naturally meant to be a DEO, but anyone can become one. We provide very simple, straightforward advice on that. #riseofthedeo

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO From @FromPicturestoP: What are the key differences between the mindset of the CEO & the DEO? #riseofthedeo

There’s a great graphic in the book and on our FB page that compares the two. We’ll retweet it now. #riseofthedeo

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO How can viewing your company's difficulties as design challenges help you to design a company to be more effective? @via @FromPicturestoP) #riseofthedeo

It flips the perspective from “hard problem to solve” to “chance to reinvent.” It engages everyone in the ongoing evolution of the company. #riseofthedeo

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO How did the two of you get together initially? Was there a successful project that you collaborated on that helped prove these principles? (via @Philbeav) #riseofthedeo


We were two of the few females CEOs in Silicon Valley in the 90’s and early 2000s. We watched each other from afar. + #riseoftheDEO

We first worked together when we agreed to collaboratively teach a grad program at CCA 5 yrs ago. We’ve been co-creating since then. #riseoftheDEO

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO Any tips that you can share for driving this design centric mentality from within a large organization? (via @Philbeav) #riseofthedeo

The book is filled with tips on doing exactly that. Some tips are for personal gain, some are designed to improve teams and some address organizations as a whole. + #riseoftheDEO 

We’ll start blogging and tweeting some of those tips this week.  #riseoftheDEO

@RiseoftheDEO: @Peachpit For those of you asking the key differences between a CEO and DEO - here's the cheat sheet. 

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO What in your opinion, would be 3 of the most important qualities for a budding DEO? (via @Philbeav) #riseofthedeo 

@RiseoftheDEO: @Peachpit @Philbeav My top three characteristics are empathy, systems thinking and the ability to getting shit done.

@RiseoftheDEO: @Peachpit The other three core traits are being a change agent, taking smart risks and being intuitive. #riseofthedeo

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO Was there one compelling event for you that stimulated the production of this book? (via @Philbeav) #riseofthedeo

Maria came up with the concept and developed it for a TEDx talk last year. You can see the talk here #riseoftheDEO

@Peachpit: @RiseoftheDEO Wow, it looks like our time is up. Thank you both for a great Twitterview! #riseofthedeo

@RiseoftheDEO: Thank you! We enjoyed it too. #riseoftheDEO

@Peachpit: Thank you for tuning in for our Twitterview with @RiseoftheDEO! Check out their brand new book, #RiseoftheDEO: