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SlideSharing Lightroom slideshows

You may know that you can export a slideshow from Lightroom as a PDF as a way to share the slideshow with others. This can be useful, but sometimes e-mailing a large attachment can be problematic (especially if you want to share it with multiple people). This week I came across an interesting alternative for sharing your PDF slideshows.

SlideShare, currently in beta, looks to be the YouTube for slideshow presentations. You can upload PowerPoint, OpenOffice, and PDF slideshows to SlideShare, and it converts them on the server side to a Web-based slideshow presentation that you can choose to share privately or make available to the world.

An additional cool feature is that you can embed the slideshow right in your blog. It was just a little too wide to fit in this blog, so I put it up on my own site if you want to see how it looks.

SlideShare is even running a world's best presentation contest through the end of July with some pretty cool prizes. Give a whirl. It could be just the thing you didn't know you were looking for.