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Steve Simon Twitterview Transcript

By  Dec 21, 2011

Topics: Digital Photography

On Tuesday, December 20, 2011, Steve Simon, author of The Passionate Photographer,  sat down for a lively Twitterview (interview via Twitter) with @Peachpit. We’ve posted a transcript of the Twitterview so the wisdom can live on. Enjoy.

Peachpit @SteveSimon  Let's get this Twitterview started! #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon First of all, congrats on your new book, The Passionate Photographer! #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon Thanks, I love the job the editors Ted, Lisa, Charlene, Kim and James have done with it! They get a lot of the credit. #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon What inspired you to write this book? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon I teach photography and wanted to put everything I've learned in one place, a book to help other passionate photogs. #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon Your book talks about 10 crucial steps photographers need to take to get better photos. Can you name 1 or 2? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon 1st-Passion of course, finding 1 theme or project to "peel the onion" and go deeper than you've ever gone photographically+ #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon It will take you to the next level in your work, Step 4 is learning to concentrate & making it part of your workflow #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon  Great advice! What is one common mistake you see other photogs make? How can they avoid it? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon Not paying attention to entire frame, it's the small moves that profoundly affect framing also mastering technical issues+ #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon As you go through a volume of work, you start to be more aware of the entire frame, unconsciously... #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon A hard trick to master. :) Can you tell us how you "Work the Scene?" #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon Eye-to-viewfinder, moving around seeing how the elements within the frame change with subtle tweaks in camera position+ #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon You must get outside your comfort zone- boldly find the best framing-get over the shyness, great photos are worth it. #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon What gear do you find essential for capturing great images? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon Gear is not as important as most people give credit. You can do museum-worthy work with a carboard pinhole camera...+ #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon If you're limited by your tools, it may be time to invest in a new one to move forward but master the gear you have first #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon Ah, great advice! What is one thing all photogs can do immediately to get better photos? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon Master technical issues and simplify working process so the camera doesn't get in the way of the image: also-move closer #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon I love the move closer suggestion. Makes for great pics! How can newbie photogs seek feedback on their photos? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon Post photos online & ask for feedback, join camera clubs, take a photog you respect for coffee.Don't be shy- ask questions #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon You don't have to respect me to take me to coffee...  #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon Lol - Who turns down free coffee? ;) What are some ideas for fighting photographers' block? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon Shoot your way through. It helps to have a mission or self assignment ideally project/theme-related then "just shoot it"+ #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon There are photographic gifts waiting to be captured around every just have to look for them... #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon In your book, you spend some time talking about goals. Why are they so important for photographers? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon Setting goals r a fast-track for getting where you want to go-providing a deadline to achieve them & a  measure for success. #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon I'll have to set some good goals for 2012! Which photographers influenced you the most throughout your career? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon Eugene Richards, Cartier Bresson, Koudelka, Frank, Haas, & passionate photographers everywhere -students and teachers. #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon What is your favorite thing or place to shoot? Why? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon Really it's the challenge of shooting in a new place and the people within it. My camera makes me brave, because I'm shy.. #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon You? Shy? Hard to believe... :) What do you look for in a good photo? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon It's evocative, It moves me, makes me feel, shows me something familiar in a new way, provokes reaction in the viewer #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon Great list of things to try to achieve with a photo. So where do you look for inspiration? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon There is inspiration all around in just living life that you can infuse into your images. I also find inspiration inbooks+ #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon Books! Not just the great Peachpit titles, but monographs and retrospectives revealing a photogs passion, skill & talent #PassionatePhotog 

Peachpit @SteveSimon Def a fan of photography books. ;) In terms of portraits, can u give us some advice on talking to strangers? #PassionatePhotog 

stevesimon Photographing people-never easy but gets easier. Very rewarding. Ask not to take their picture, but start a conversation + #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon Which gives you time to work the situation, lets your subject relax and images get better. Get past the shyness... #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon Do u have a process before u go out & shoot? Do u go with a plan or just take ur camera & see what happens? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon When I’m working on a subject or theme, I know what I’m looking for and have a better chance of finding it+ #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon But serendipity can also be my guide, when I find something with visual potential, I’m patient and work the scene #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon From Heather Williams: Do you have advice for someone pondering a subject for their first personal project? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon Find a project easily accessible where you can put in the time. More time invested means better’s culmulative #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon From @Philbeav: Are editing skills really important for photographers today & what tools do you mainly use? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon Editing skills are a crucial . I use mostly Aperture but I tweak my best images in other software to see how it looks+ #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon I won't release an image into the world until I’ve processed it to look as good as it can be. I also hv PS & Capture NX2 #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon Wow, it looks like we only have time for 1 more question..#PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon If you could give 1 bit of advice to photog newbies, what would it be? #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon My advice to new photographers is to find a theme or project and just start shooting, dig deep and don’t stop... #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit @SteveSimon Great advice & a great note to end on! Thanks for a great Twitterview! #PassionatePhotog

stevesimon Hey thank-you, it was fun...hope someone is out there listening...#PassionatePhotog

Peachpit Thanks 4 tuning in 4 our Twitterview w/ @SteveSimon! Check out his book & save 35% w/ code: FALLPHOTO #PassionatePhotog

Peachpit You can check out a free sample chapter from @SteveSimon’s book, The Passionate Photographer, here: #PassionatePhotog