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The skinny on Apple's slogans

By  Jan 18, 2008


At Macworld Expo today, as I gazed upon the gently rotating mobile of new MacBook Airs against the bold, one-word tag line for this year's new product—Thinnovation—it struck me that Apple marketers must have a tough time arriving at new slogans for a concept the company has been pushing forward for the last few years: Smaller is Better.

Small was actually Beautiful in 2006 when the Intel Mac mini line was introduced ("Small is Beautiful"). We saw "The plot thins" in 1999 with the introduction of the PowerBook G3 models. "Less is More" (2003) showed up with the PowerBook G4, and we actually wondered "Where did the computer go?" with the iMac G5.

I love my vintage iPod mini. And although "Mini. The next big thing" was replaced by an even smaller nano ("1,000 songs. Impossibly small"), it still wins in my book for best slogan: "Teeny doesn't mean weeny" (2004).