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Twitterview Transcript with @RonDawson @TasraDawson and @Peachpit

By  Feb 21, 2011

Topics: Digital Audio, Video

On Wednesday, February 9, @Peachpit @RonDawson and @TasraDawson faced off in a live Twitterview about launching or building your video business. Check out the transcript and suggest the next Twitterview author!

Peachpit @RonDawson @TasraDawson First of all, congrats on your great book, #Refocus:

Peachpit @RonDawson @TasraDawson Let's get this Twitterview started! #refocus

Peachpit @rondawson @tasradawson What advice would you give to newbie videographers who are trying to start their business? #refocus

rondawson @peachpit read #ReFocus. I'm serious. We cover the whole gamut of what to do, who to follow, where to go. etc. :)

Peachpit @rondawson @tasradawson Good advice! ;) How do you determine what to charge for your work? #refocus

rondawson @peachpit when figuring out $$, know your expenses (home & biz) then set prices to cover them all. Dont just copy the competition. #refocus

rondawson @peachpit also, part of what u charge is based on your brand. #refocus

Peachpit @rondawson @tasradawson What are some key strategies that will help spread the word about your work and get more business? #refocus

rondawson @peachpit key strategies to spread the word: social media, networking w/vendors & providing gr8 service so your clients will rave. #refocus

Peachpit @rondawson @tasradawson How can you use your social media presence to promote your business? #refocus

tasradawson @peachpit - when using social media, have a plan @chrisbrogan has the best articles on using social media in biz. Here r 5 tips... #refocus

tasradawson @peachpit 1. give as much or more as u take. don't just use twitter to self promote. as much as possible promote others on twitter. #refocus

tasradawson @peachpit 2. join the conversation. if people comment on your blogs, twitter or facebook, reply to their comments. #refocus

tasradawson @peachpit 3. write compelling blog titles. a good title is essential. here's a great article #refocus

tasradawson @peachpit 4. write effective tweets. u only hav 140 chars. make it compelling. abbrvi8 if u hav 2. & leave room 4 ppl to retweet u. #refocus

tasradawson @peachpit 5. if u blog, be consistent to keep up traffic. if u want to use blogging seriously, u should blog 2-3x week. #refocus

rondawson @peachpit And here's a bonus. #6. write tweets and blog posts that cater to the audience you want to follow you. #refocus.

Peachpit @rondawson @tasradawson Gr8 advice! Is it impt to specialize in 1 area (wedding, corporate, etc.) or should u try to do them all? #refocus

rondawson @peachpit it's perfectly fine to go after multiple markets. but, imho, u should do it w/ separate brands.... #refocus

rondawson @peachpit ...we have for our main biz & for our wedding biz. #refocus

rondawson @peachpit if u have 1 site w/ many services (wedding, corp, etc.) u could turn off some of those clients. #refocus

Peachpit @rondawson @tasradawson Your videos are truly works of art. What is your philosophy when you're editing? #refocus

rondawson @peachpit Thx. When approaching a video, I'm all about the story. No matter if it's a wedding, a corporate promo, or a nonprofit...#refocus

rondawson @peachpit There's always a story. I always try to juxtapose visuals w/audio & music to convey that story. I listen carefully too. #refocus

rondawson @peachpit I'm also a believer in keeping it simple. U dont need a whole lot of flash & gljtz. Apple's vids R xlnt examples of that. #refocus

Peachpit @rondawson @tasradawson That is very true. So what is one of the greatest challenges videographers in the industry face? #refocus

rondawson @peachpit w/o a doubt it's branding & mktg. That's the #1 weakness I see. Most should spend more time studying that... #refocus

rondawson @peachpit unfortunately, so many videogs go out & spnd $1000s on gear & invest nothing in learning how to sell & mkt their biz. #refocus

rondawson @peachpit Videogs should read biz blogs, biz mags.... #refocus

rondawson @peachpit I also suggest reading THE E-MYTH by Gerber, the book ZAG (published by you), as well as, well, #ReFocus. :)

Peachpit @rondawson @tasradawson Great example of branding/marketing in action! ;) #refocus

Peachpit @RonDawson @TasraDawson What is 1 thing you'd do differently if u had to start all over again & create ur business from scratch? #refocus

rondawson @peachpit I would do most things the same. Network. Specialize. Focus on quality work. Etc. But one thing I would do different is...#refocus

rondawson @peachpit I would invest in someone to handle the books. I HATE IT! But it has 2 B done, and sometimes I suffer b/c I fall behind. #refocus

rondawson @peachpit Invest in some1 to handle ur books if u or ur partner wont. In fact, invest in any area of ur biz you WONT/CANT do urself #refocus

Peachpit @rondawson @tasradawson Yea, that stuff is definitely not the fun part. #refocus

rondawson @peachpit Tell me about it. #refocus. :)

Peachpit @rondawson @tasradawson What is the most important key to success in videography? #refocus

rondawson @peachpit I would say be true to yourself. Don't try to be somebody else. Also, be diligent & patient. This is HARD work... #refocus

rondawson @peachpit Lastly, set yourself apart. Find something that makes you stand out. Here's a blog post about that. #refocus

Peachpit @rondawson @tasradawson How much time should you dedicate to the business side of things versus the creative side? #refocus

tasradawson @peachpit There's no magic formula. But I would say if you want a successful biz, a very significant % should go to the biz side...#refocus

tasradawson @peachpit U don't have to do it all urself. Find a partner. Hire a sales rep. Or learn it then do it. But it must be done. #refocus

rondawson @peachpit that being said, it's also imprtnt to maintain ur craft & do work that is exemplary. Especially if u want to stand out. #refocus 

rondawson @peachpit Really, both are very important. It reminds me of the Stanford rep who came to my high school. Students often asked...#refocus

rondawson @peachpit what's more imprtnt 2 get accptd. Xtra curric activities & Bs, or all As w/o any curric activies. To which he answered...#refocus

rondawson @peachpit Xtra currric activities AND As. :) But, I wouldn't know cuz I went to UC Berkeley. Go Bears! #refocus

Peachpit @rondawson @tasradawson haha! Berkeley <3. So what video gear do you use or recommend? #refocus

rondawson @peachpit Ah. The question about gear. The magic question. It all depends on the job... #refocus

rondawson @peachpit I am fond of the HDSLRs. Their quality & size are amazing. & for such a gr8 price. For only $800 you can get a T2i... #refocus

rondawson @peachpit ...that has quality that surpasses what you'd spend 5-6x that a few years ago. Simply amazing! But, it requires using... #refocus

rondawson @peachpit ...rigs that will allow you to get steady shots and proper focus. But you can rent all that stuff if needed. #refocus

rondawson @peachpit For some jobs you may need a camera like the RED that can shoot 4k or very high speed frame rates for tru slo mo. #refocus 

rondawson @peachpit Whatever u do. Don't go into debt. Be smart. Rent until you can afford to buy. And charge rates to cover your rentals. #refocus

Peachpit @RonDawson @TasraDawson Thanks--many people ask that & it's great to see the amazing results you get with the gear u use. #refocus

rondawson @peachpit Thanks. But as I like to say, "it's the talent, not the tools." focus on telling gr8 stories! Some ppl are... #refocus

rondawson @peachpit ...too obsessed with gear & lenses. Learn 2 tell a good story with a FlipMino, then gear won't matter! :) #refocus

Peachpit @RonDawson @TasraDawson Absolutely. Wow-this has been such a fantastic Twitterview. A lot of great takeaway advice. Any final tips? #refocus

rondawson @peachpit Final tips: follow the blogs & learn from the ppl doing what you're doing. Don't copy them, but be inspired and learn... #refocus

rondawson @peachpit Then go out and make your own mark in the world. And that's all she wrote! #refocus

Peachpit @RonDawson @TasraDawson Fantastic advice. Thanks for a great Twitterview! A transcript will be posted at soon. :D #refocus

rondawson @peachpit Thank YOU. It was fun. See ya.

@TasraDawson @peachpit Bye. Thx for the opportunity.

Peachpit Thanks 4 tuning in 4 the Twitterview! Check out a free sample from @RonDawson & @TasraDawson's book, #Refocus:

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