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Twitterview Transcript with @WeynandTraining

By  Feb 21, 2011

Topics: Apple, Apple Pro Training

On Wednesday, February 16, @Peachpit and @WeynandTraining faced off in a live Twitterview about Final Cut Pro for Avid editors. Check out the transcript and suggest the next Twitterview author!

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining Congrats on ur latest version of the classic APTS: Final Cut for Avid Editors! #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: Thanks! And thanks to Peachpit – great job! But hey, this is my first Twitterview. Does that make me the Twittor or the Twittee? #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @weynandtraining lol - I believe you'd be the Twittee. :D Why is now the right time to bring out a new edition? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: Because both apps were recently upgraded - FCP to 7 and Avid to 5 - so the timing was perfect. #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining Ahh - good point! Is this book only good for Avid editors? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: Nope. It's a great FCP resource because it's just the facts, ma'am. Just the facts. No media attached to steps. + #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: My FCP 7 book has media attached and steps someone from scratch through both FCP and the actual editing process. + #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: This book is a great look-up guide for experienced editors. That’s an important difference. I’m talking to experienced editors + #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: But someone new to FCP or an FCP editor could keep this book on their desk and look things up as they need to. #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining Nice! So what's new in this book from the previous version? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit New from FCP 7, marker colors, speed changes, alpha trans, ProRes codecs & exporting using new Share features. #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining I hear that Avid Composer 5 is much closer to FCP now. Is that true? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit Yes Avid 5 has drag & drop editing & a Smart tool so things like Timeline trimming & segment mode editing are similar. + #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit There’ll always be differences. FCP added color to clip & sequence tabs where Avid has color Timeline tracks. #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining Final Cut doesn't trim the same way as Avid. As an Avid editor is there a way in Final Cut to trim like in Avid? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit Yes you trim in the Trim Edit window which is like Avid's big trim. It's very similar when you approach it this way. + #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit But in Avid 5 you can trim in the Timeline similar to FCP. #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining If u’re an experienced Avid editor but offered jobs on Final Cut, is it a hard transition from Avid to Final Cut? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit It’s like driving a new car. If you know how to edit you know what to do. Just have to learn where the knobs are. ;-) #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining Good point! Do you think a Final Cut editor should learn Avid? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit If it helps them get other editing jobs. Or helps them work easier with other members of their post/production team. + #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit A lot of shows switched to FCP in Hollywood, that’s what motivated Avid editors to learn FCP. That and cost of software. #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining Ok - that makes sense. Does your book cover just the basics? Or the full use of FCP? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit This book is very comprehensive. You can learn the full use of FCP from beg to adv features. It'll keep you busy! #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining How do you use the book? Do I have to read the entire book before I start a session? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit Heavens no. Use it as a reference guide. Start editing, then stop to look up something when you need to. + #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit Or load some media & start reading from the beginning. It’s really easy to follow. You can go in and out of a page.+ #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit I recommend it to my FCP students as a general reference & tell them to just ignore the Avid stuff if they don’t need it.#FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining Nice! Does the book cover effects, audio mixing, and project managementl, too? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit All the above + importing, exporting, capturing, transferring, an entire chapter on multicam editing. VERY comprehensive.#FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining Can you offer a “quick tip” for an Avid editor? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit Sure. To conform a new sequence to match your media, just edit a clip and let FCP change seq settings automatically. + #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit To export a movie, use Share & choose your destination– YouTube, DVD, etc– let FCP figure out the settings!+ #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit Want to get a producer’s input from across the country or the world? Play your sequence out of FCP in the iChat window. #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining Awesome tips - thanks! Your book is part of the Apple Pro Training Series...what does that mean? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit Apple’s Pro Training Series books are the published official curricula for worldwide Apple training centers. + #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit My FCP 7 book is part of this series and the FCP 7 certified course and exam are based on my book. However...+ #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit FCP for Avid is part of the book series but not a course. So I always give Avid editors more input when I teach. #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining What do you see as some of the most exciting developments in the world of editing? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit My FCP 7 book is part of this series AND is the FCP 7 certified course. The exam is based on it too. #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit The coolest thing is good software like FCP & Avid is so inexpensive that almost anyone can have their own edit bay.+ #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit And it’s getting easier to share media like FCP 7 integrating with iChat and having all those cool Share export options.+#FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit I’m sure we’ll all be editing “in the cloud” before the year is out. Probably a lot of editors are doing it already. #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining So true. I love that anybody can access essentially the same tools. Then the value is in what u can do w/ them. #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining You are an award-winning editor, trainer and author—how do you juggle all of those roles? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit They actually all work well in tandem. The more I edit, the more fun stuff I have to teach and talk about. + #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit And the more I teach, the more I learn what people like to learn and the methods of learning that are most effective. #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining Keeps ya busy! What is the most important advice you could offer to Avid editors learning Final Cut? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit First, buy my book. Get the FCP software, load some footage and just get going. You'll be up to speed in no time.+ #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit I'd also suggest taking the FCP 7 certified course based on my other book. It'll give you a really strong foundation. + #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @peachpit You can find class dates for our upcoming FCP courses on my website We brake for Avid Editors :-) #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining That is really great advice! It looks like we have time for just 1 more question. We'll end on 1 from a follower #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining This one is from @jamiecurry: Why doesn't FCP have a progressive scan of the sequence as the playhead plays? #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit That's a great question for an Apple engineer. I'll pass it along!!! #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: @WeynandTraining Thanks! Wow - looks like we're out of time! Thank u 4 a fantastic Twitterview. We'll post the transcript soon. :D #FCP4Avid

weynandtraining: @Peachpit My pleasure. This was fun. Good luck to all you Avid Editors out there. Let me know if I can help your transition. #FCP4Avid

Peachpit: Thanks 4 tuning in 2 the @WeynandTraining Twitterview! Check out a sample of her book,under Sample Content #FCP4Avid

If you have more questions for Diana Weynand, post them as comments and we'll continue the Twitterview fun! Also, let us know which author we should Twitterview next.