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Twitterview Transcript with @Zeke_Kamm and @Peachpit

By  Feb 1, 2011

Topics: Digital Photography

On Tuesday, February 1, @Peachpit and @Zeke_Kamm faced off in a live Twitterview about photography and finding your inspiration. Check out the transcript and suggest the next Twitterview author!

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm Let's get this Twitterview started! :D #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: Bring it! ;) #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm Ur books ( & don't seem 2 focus much on science and theory. Is that on purpose? #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: Yes. Don't need to know science to take amazing photographs. Don't have to know how an engine works to be a race car driver. #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: Teach a hungry man to fish. If U teach him oceanography, he'll starve to death #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm The perforated cards with diagram in ur book is an unusual approach. How did you think of that? #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: It was trading cards. Then @Scottpeachpit rec the new way. I thought, “Nuts! Now I'll have to give HIM credit if anyone asks.” :) #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm LOL! ;) So what's this I hear about you working on a screenplay? Can you envision a role for @Laura7? ;) #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: I've written many. I've worked for most of the big studios in Hollywood writing and developing TV shows and features. #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: Sure! Have her people call my people. #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm Wow - that is really impressive (and cool)! #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm For photogs, what's more valuable: getting more practice or getting a more solid understanding of the fundamentals? #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: Depends on ur goal. Want to take great photographs and enjoy getting better every day? I'd focus on getting out there and shooting #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm Sounds like good advice! What's the most common mistake newbie photographers make? #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit Tricky. I've made MANY! #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit Probably the worst 1 for me is worrying more about tech & science than the idea they want to tell with the image. #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm Yep, I could see that happening. Are there gear basics that are absolutely necessary? Or is a camera-in-hand all u need? #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit A camera and an idea. The idea doesn't have to be a story. It could be an emotion, a message, a dynamic graphic approach #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit An image w/ meaning - w/ resonance - beats a properly exposed boring image every day of the week & twice on Sundays #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm Well said! So what is your association with David Hobby and the #Strobist community?

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit Ha. Yes. That answer won't fit in 140 characters any better than a whale in a handbag. But let me try. #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit When Strobist started my shots won photo of the week couple times & finalist in photo of year. David & I became pals. #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm And the rest, as they say, is history. ;) What was your big inspiration for getting into photography? #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit ほんの冗談。#strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit Oops. Sorry. I'm simultaneously conducting a twitterview with a Japanese newspaper. JK #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm LOL. I'll need a translator for that one... #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit What was the question again? Oh yeah. It was my painting teacher. #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit He said photography would make me abetter painter. He was wrong in a way. I fell in love with it & haven't painted since #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm Wow. Now I want to see ur paintings, too! What's your favorite subject to photograph? #strobist #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit Anything that implies a deeper story beyond the photo. Oh, and my wife & son. She's a killer rock star & he's a QT #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit My wife and her co-producer do all my music for my films. #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm Wow - you have a lot of talent in ur fam! #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit Thanks. You should hear my two year old sing Supercalafragalisticexpialidotious. #marypoppins #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm Now about ... What makes your photography magazine so "nice?" ;) @strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit The internet turns a lot of people into angry weenies. #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit I wanted to a be positive voice. The main focus, though is to share the “Why” of photography not just the how. #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit There R plenty of great sights that talk about the science. I felt was missing was a source that talked about motivation #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm Yea, nobody likes angry weenies. lol. What kind of equipment do i need in order to maximize the lessons in your books? #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit A camera & access to light. #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit Almost every shot can be recreated with any light–even table lamps. Strobes rock, but U don't need them 2take great pics #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm It seems like u just get out there & shoot & try stuff! Where do u turn 4 more in-depth theory/info when u need it? #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit @joemcnallyphoto books kick butt & @ScottKelby. The hottest book right now has got2 be @Syl_arena Speedliter's Handbook. #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm Great recs! A question from @albertmarini: Is better use a real filter or a digital filter? #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit If u plan first then shoot, use whatever physical filter will get u what ur after. That's way u can take in the moment #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit If u shoot first then tweak, digital is great unless you want a polarizer or ND. Depends on ur style. No judgment here. #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm From Ken: If I rig a speedlight into a constant source softbox can I expect constant output from the speedlight (cont) #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm or should I meter each shot? #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit If ur light source distance 2 subject remains constant and u don't change your ISO or fstop, ur good to go. #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm Just one last question... Any other advice? #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit Lots of people ask me what could they do to be a better photog, I always ask, “Who is your favorite photog?” #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit U'd B surprised how many don't have an answer. If U don't have 1 find 1. The act of looking & finding will make U better #strobist

Peachpit: @Zeke_Kamm Great advice! Thank you so much for the great Twitterview! #strobist

Zeke_Kamm: @Peachpit oops. I forgot the tag. Thanks to everyone for reading along. Stay tuned. Lots of exciting things to come! #strobist

Peachpit:Thanks 4 tuning in 4 the @Zeke_Kamm Twitterview! See a sample of his books (under Sample Content): &

If you have more questions for Zeke Kamm, post them as comments and we'll continue the Twitterview fun! Also, let us know which author we should Twitterview next.