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Yes We Did! Twitterview Transcript with @RahafHarfoush and @Peachpit

On Thursday, June 25, @Peachpit and @RahafHarfoush threw down for a live, full-hour Twitterview about the Obama campaign’s use of social media. Check out the transcript and suggest the next Twitterview author!

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush Twitterview Begins! First of all, congrats on your new book, Yes We Did! Where r u tweeting from today? #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: Hello @Peachpit I am tweeting from Geneva, Switzerland, the land of chocolate! It's dinner time here! #yeswedid

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush Swiss chocolate - yum! So how did you get involved w/ Obama’s social media campaign? #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @peachpit I was interviewing Chris Hughes Obama's social network guru and begged to be a part of it as a volunteer! #yeswedid

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush How did u use social media to communicate w/ the young folks; how did their efforts/votes influence the campaign? #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @peachpit We used @barackobama to let supporters know where Barack was when he was on the road #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @peachpit We used youtube as a digital meet and greet to introduce people to the eloquent Senator by using all sorts of footage! #yeswedid

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush W/ so much going on, how did Obama teams align information about all comm efforts ( e-mail, social media, etc.). #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @Peachpit huge emphasis on consistent messaging, language & branding. Depts. talked to each other regularly. No silos. #yeswedid

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush How many people were on the new media team day to day? #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: Between staff and volunteers it averaged between 20-60 ppl always coming and going! @peachpit #yeswedid

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush Great! Now that you're all warmed up, we'll start the tough questions... ;) #yeswedid

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush Is some substance (candidates platform) lost when building a brand for a presidential campaign on social media? #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @Peachpit It can be if ppl try to make it fake or inauthentic. This brand was a reflection of him, so it worked. #yeswedid

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush How was Obama's presence on all the social networks managed? Who was the voice behind the curtain? #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @Peachpit Managed by a team of people who used clearly stated guidelines to reflect Barack's stances on issues. #yeswedid

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush Why did Barack Obama create his own social network (myBO) instead of just joining the others already in existence? #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @Peachpit we needed tools for specific campaigning activities and access to the data users imputed (contacting voters etc) #yeswedid

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush Did u notice other campaigns adopting aspects of Obama digital media strategy? Any spies? (via @shameyreed) #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @Peachpit one time we found john mcCain in a supply closet, but he was just lost. (JOKE) #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @Peachpit no need for spies, what we were doing was out there. tactics r easy to imitate, strategy is harder! #yeswedid

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush LOL! Do u think we'll ever have the ability 2 manage social media the way it happened in 08? (via @tomsowa) #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @Peachpit No, i think it was the perfect storm of political unrest, new technologies and Barack's magic. Can't replicate that! #yeswedid

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush Can u comment on this article re: old school tech & Obama campaign? (via @tamera @communicable) #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @Peachpit I agree, the power of this campaign lies in the use of within an integrated comm. strategy. #yeswedid @communicable

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush How did the Obama campaign use mobile technology or iPhone apps in the mktg plan? (via @jennykoreny) #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @Peachpit Text to solicit volunteers, share feedback and spread news, iphone to connect supporters with voters #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @peachpit there was big pressure for sms to prove itself (metrics) iphone was a combo of timing and gr8 volunteers. #yeswedid

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush W/all u'v learned re:the campaign what is 1 thing u would now do differently if u had the chance? (via @mblemieux) #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @Peachpit I would have asked barack for a fistbump when i had the chance!! I was too shy to do more than stare. #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @Peachpit I would have given more airplay to jon stewart clips. Honestly, those were gold! #yeswedid

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush LOL! Ok, we have time for one more question....ready? #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @Peachpit hit me! #yeswedid

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush Final ?: How have you applied the lessons you learned in the Obama campaign to your work at World Economic Forum? #yeswedid

rahafharfoush: @peachpit, we are making huge efforts to listen to our community instead of assuming to know what they want. #yeswedid

Peachpit: @rahafharfoush Awesome - listening to the public is a great strategy! Thanks for a fantastic Twitterview! :D #yeswedid

Peachpit: Thanks 4 tuning in 4 the Twitterview! 2 read more from @rahafharfoush, check out & #yeswedid

If you have more questions for Rahaf, post them as comments and we'll continue the Twitterview fun! Also, let us know which author we should Twitterview next.