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Brad Yale

Photography 101: The Best Android Photo Apps Right Now

By Brad YaleMay 6, 2015

Hi, I'm Brad. You don't know me, yet. For the next few months, I will be writing a blog series for Peachpit titled, Photography 101. I am not a photographer. The only camera I own is in my Android Galaxy S4. I have always been more interested in what the mind can remember than what a photo can capture. This being said, for the coming months I am going to throw myself into the world of photography and document it through this blog. It's called Photography 101 but really, it's photography for idiots (like myself).

So, without further preface, "The Best Android Photo Apps". For more information, check out "Android Photography: Take Better Photos With Your Android Phone."

Sara Jane Todd

Photographer John Batdorff Answers Your Questions about the Nik Collection

By Sara Jane ToddJul 17, 2013

During John Batdorff’s presentation on a recent Peachpit Photo Club, many of you had loads of questions about the Nik Collection by Google.

Sara Jane Todd

Interview with featured Flickr photographer Phil Kirchmeier

By Sara Jane ToddApr 21, 2011

Every month in our Photography newsletter, we feature the work of a new photographer who has contributed to our Photography Newsletter Flickr group. This month, we chose the photo Day 85 by Wisconsin-based photographer Phil Kirchmeier.

Sara Jane Todd

Customers Vote on Their 2008 Amazon Favorites

By Sara Jane ToddNov 12, 2008

Peachpit authors Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, and Garr Reynolds are Amazon customer favorites.

As seen on the Macworld Expo show floor

By Victor GavendaJan 18, 2008

Macworld Expo is split between two buildings: Moscone South, the original  (subterranean) portion of the convention center, and Moscone West, the newest part of the complex. Here's a photo tour of some highlights.