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What's a product without a selling point?

Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

When selling products, companies show excitement and exaggerate to promote the product's selling points. Jakob Nielsen conducted a study proving objective writing sells better than promotional or "marketese" style writing. Improve the site's credibility and trust by writing objectively by providing facts, offering practical information, and doing it in an interesting way.

The writing style helps with creating interesting content. When selling something, give facts instead of hype. Experts have repeatedly stated that hyperbole and fluff don't work on the Web. This makes "truth in advertising" ring true, doesn't it?

Many sites have content that sound like one gigantic, unbelievable promotion. Something about the style is a turn off and makes people feel uncomfortable and untrusting. Let the facts do the talking and save people the time in filtering out the hyperbole.

Tip #3: Write objectively.