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Web Design Reference Guide

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Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

Tap into the power of the Web and take it beyond print slash brochureware by adding video where appropriate. Like adding any element to a Web site, ensure there is a reason to have video not just for the sake of it. Videos provide a visual way to explain an idea, show how to do something, or promote a product or service.

With more homes switching to broadband, more companies are working digital videos into their Web design game plan. This change has led to lower costs of tools for creating and editing digital videos as well as transferring them faster using Firewire (IEEE 1394) or USB 2.0, which pushes speed further than its predecessor USB 1.1. Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro lead the pack.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro – Handles video capturing, editing, and production as well as audio. Designers using Photoshop and any other Adobe product can expect tight integration of these with Premiere Pro. To distinguish it from Adobe's After Effects, Premiere focuses on editing while After Effects is for design and effects.

  • Apple Final Cut Pro – A Mac-only available product, Final Cut Pro is more expensive than Premiere, but Apple has a cheaper version available known as Final Cut Express.

  • Discreet Cleaner XL – Discreet offers various motion solutions. Cleaner XL handles media mastering and streaming for encoding output to most digital media formats.