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Web Design Reference Guide

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Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

  • Building Accessible Web Sites, by Joe Clark (New Riders, 2003, ISBN: 073571150X). Just as we expect to hear opinions relating to usability from Jakob Nielsen, you can count on Clark to share his with regard to accessibility. There's no question that he knows his stuff as he explains how to make Web sites accessible. Clark also explains the techniques and technologies available to make information more accessible and gives you an idea of how persons with disabilities use computers so you can put yourself in their shoes. (Preview this book on Safari.)
  • Maximum Accessibility: Making Your Web Site More Usable for Everyone, by John M. Slatin and Sharron Rush (Addison Wesley, 2002, ISBN: 0201774224). The book identifies problems with Web sites from an accessibility perspective, shows how to fix the problems, and discusses what to do when problems are beyond repair. (Preview this book on Safari.)
  • Constructing Accessible Web Sites, by Jim Thatcher, et al (Apress, 2003). Offers everything from legal advice to a quick reference guide. Web designers can create accessible Web sites with Macromedia Flash, but they often overlook usability and accessibility when doing so. There's a chapter devoted to the topic.