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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Turn a Boring Image into a Graphic

Make lackluster images experimental and fun using Quark's Contrast dialog. Select your picture, which can be any of the file types named previously. Press Cmd-Shift-C or Ctrl-Shift-C to open Picture Contrast Specifications. Try out any of nine buttons along the left edge. The Posterize button reduces all the tonal and saturation values (color or grayscale) to just six gray/color levels. The Posterizer lets you set 10 levels that you can adjust in the graphing area. Click the Inversion Button to flip the graph of input and output—similar in theory to Negative, but different results. For a totally wacky, psychedelic look, draw an up-and-down mountainous graph with the Pencil tool. Use Apply, then reset the image with the Normal Contrast tool, six down from the top. Again, you'll get better quality with comparable techniques in Photoshop.


See also "Negative and Positive Together" (this chapter).

Figure 6.17Figure 6.17

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