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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Got a two-Color Job and four-Color Images?

You're doing a two-color newsletter or three-color brochure, and your client gave you full color images. You could go into Photoshop and do the mode conversion to grayscale, but why bother. You're just getting started. The pictures could change, all kinds of things could happen that would make that work unnecessary. Don't bother. Instead, do an on-the-fly color conversion. Got your picture box selected, with the Get Picture dialog open and your picture file selected? Then, for the Mac, Cmd-press and hold until you see the image in your box; for Windows, Ctrl-click the Open button. That full color image now looks just like a grayscale TIFF for your comp—and it even prints that way. But in fact, the file on your hard drive is still full color. That's the only thing you've got to remember if and when the picture makes it to final production—go convert it!

Figure 6.2Figure 6.2

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