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Finding and Marking Photo Rejects in Lightroom

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  1. Step 1: Choose a Sort Order for Displaying the Photos
  2. Step 2: Delete the Worthless Shots
  3. Step 3: Mark Any Other Rejects
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If you're like most folks, you take a lot of pictures trying to get that one perfect shot. That strategy leads to scads of images, many of which you may never use, and they all take space! Scott Kelby shows a quick method for weeding out the bad shots with Lightroom.
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Every time you come in from a shoot, there’s always that exciting moment when you first get to see your photos in Photoshop Lightroom and find out whether you really got "the shot." Sometimes it happens right away, and sometimes you have to do some serious paring down to get to the shot you really want. This article shows a quick strategy for finding shots to eliminate, so you can save time while you regain wasted space.

Step 1: Choose a Sort Order for Displaying the Photos

When you import photos into Photoshop Lightroom, by default they’re displayed in order by the time and date they were taken. (Adobe calls this type of sort capture time.) The first photo you took on this shoot appears first, in the upper-left corner of the Grid view, followed by the next most recent, and so on. If you’d prefer to see the last photo you took appear first, followed by the second to last, etc., just click the Sort Direction (stairstep) button in the toolbar (shown circled in red in Figure 1). The Sort pop-up menu also offers other sorting options, such as sorting your photos by when they were last edited, by aspect ratio (landscape or portrait), or a number of other methods.

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