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Combining Multiple Images in Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

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Learn to combine multiple photos to create that great shot that you didn’t actually get.

Lesson files related to this excerpt can be found here.

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Lesson Overview

You can do a lot to improve a photo with tonal adjustments and color corrections, but at times the best way to produce the perfect image is to fake it!

In this lesson you’ll learn some of the tricks you’ll need for combining multiple photos to create that great shot that you didn’t actually get:

  • Merging multiple photos into a panorama
  • Assembling the perfect group shot
  • Removing unwanted elements
  • Combining images using layers
  • Resizing and repositioning selections
  • Creating a gradient clipping mask
  • Defringing a selection

You’ll probably need between one and two hours to complete this lesson.

Getting started

For this lesson you’ll be using images from the CIB Catalog you created at the start of the book. To open your CIB Catalog, follow these steps:

  1. Start Photoshop Elements. In the Welcome Screen, click the Organize button. The name of the currently active catalog is displayed in the lower left corner of the Organizer window. If the CIB Catalog is open, skip to the first exercise: “Merging photos into a panorama.” If the CIB Catalog is not open, complete the following steps.
  2. Choose File > Catalog.
  3. In the Catalog Manager dialog box, select the CIB Catalog from the list, and then click Open.

If you don’t see the CIB Catalog listed, you should review the procedures in “Getting Started” at he beginning of this book. See “Copying the Lessons files from the CD” on page 2, and “Creating a catalog” on page 3.

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