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Painter 5 Wow! Gallery

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Painter 5 Wow! Gallery

excerpted from The Painter 5 Wow! Book,
by Cher Threinen-Pendarvis

The Storyteller


IS AN ACCOMPLISHED creative director, film artist and virtuoso with special effects. The Storyteller is compositional layout for a scene in Vanishing Point, an interactive online drama published by Microsoft. Reid began the image by making pencil sketches and scanning these drawings and a photo. He painted the characters in Painter, using the Chalk variants and blended color using a custom Grainy Water variant that incorporated a chisel tip. To help the image load faster on screen, Reid used a reduced color palette and painted a solid black background, saving valuable colors for the characters' clothing and skin tones. He enhanced the focal point of the image by creating a custom "Renaissance" lighting effect (based on the Center Spot light in Effects, Surface Control, Apply Lighting). To complete the image, Reid subtly increased the saturation of the storyteller's hand and jacket using Effects, Tonal Control, Adjust Colors.

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