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The Organizer’s Documentation Tab

The Documentation section of the Organizer is Xcode’s main viewer for all SDK and developer tools documentation. Open the Organizer by choosing Window > Organizer from the main menu, and then choose the Documentation tab in the toolbar (Figure 4.2).

Figure 4.2

Figure 4.2 The Organizer’s Documentation tab

The Organizer responds by showing you a pane on the left (similar to Xcode’s Navigator area) and a main viewing area. Along the top of the main viewing area, you’ll see a Jump Bar similar to the one you explored in Chapter 3. This Jump Bar, however, allows you to navigate the documentation as opposed to your project. The Organizer’s navigation area has three modes: Explore, Search, and Bookmarks. The button bar at the top of the pane switches between the modes.


organizerexploreicon.jpg In Explore mode, an outline of each of the documentation sets and their sections displays. You can drill down by topic through the guides and API reference documents.


organizersearchicon.jpg In Search mode, a search field appears, allowing you to search all installed documentation sets. Clicking the magnifying glass icon, then choosing Show Find Options from the context menu reveals a set of filtering options (Figure 4.3) that let you ignore unwanted libraries and more. The results are grouped by type (such as Reference, System Guides, Sample Code, and so on).

Figure 4.3

Figure 4.3 The Organizer’s search options panel


organizerbookmarksicon.jpg In Bookmarks mode, you can jump directly to documentation pages you’ve bookmarked. You can set bookmarks by choosing Editor > Bookmarks from the main menu or by right-clicking anywhere in the page and choosing Add Bookmark for Current Page from the context menu. To delete a bookmark, select it and press the Delete key.

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