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Community Help and Feedback

There are a number of community Web sites for finding more help than is available in the documentation, including Apple’s own developer forums. See Appendix D for more information.

Apple’s Developer Forums

Apple’s developer forums are accessible to ADC members ( There you can receive help and advice from the Cocoa developer community as well as the occasional Apple engineer. Because this is a public forum, it’s important to keep in mind that most people there are developers like you and are volunteering their time. Take extra care to search for similar questions before posting, ask detailed and clearly written questions, and be civil. As with any community, anything less than civility and courtesy will make the community less likely to help you in the future.

Documentation Errors

If there is anything about Apple’s documentation that is unclear, incorrect, or lacking in any way in Xcode, you are encouraged to submit feedback to Apple. At the bottom of every page of the documentation are hyperlinks that allow you to submit feedback—good, sort-of-good, and bad—to the Apple documentation team. Constructive, detailed feedback helps Apple provide better documentation, and improvements are released often.

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