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Naming the Profile

When you click on the name of the profile in the list, Acrobat presents you with a set of controls that lets you specify information about the profile itself (Figure 6, again). Change the name of the profile by typing something descriptive into the Name field. If you’re so inclined, you might also type a name and email address (not necessarily yours) into the appropriate fields; these have no purpose unless you’re planning to export the profile and distribute it to the universe at large. I never do, myself.

Something that is helpful if you create a lot of profiles is to create a group for your profiles so they’re all in one place in the profiles list. You do this by selecting New Group in the Group menu (Figure 8); Acrobat will present you with a small dialog box that asks for a name for the new group. Type in a name and click OK; Acrobat will add your profile to the newly-created group and that group will appear in the Groups list from this time, on (Figure 9).

Figure 8

Figure 8 Acrobat lets you create a Group of your own to which you may add your profiles. Just select New Group from the Group pop-up menu and give your new group a name.

Figure 9

Figure 9 You may add your newly-created profiles to the newly-created group (“John’s Profiles” in this case).

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