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Creating Layers with Lightroom and Perfect Layers 2

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Adobe plugin developer onOne Software recently unveiled its brand new Perfect Photo Suite 6. The suite includes seven well-known plugins that cover a wide range of photo-editing tasks. Photoshop expert Dan Moughamian showcases for you several of these new plugins, including Perfect Layers 2.
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Perfect Layers is useful because it enables Lightroom users who don’t own a copy of Photoshop to benefit from the use of layers, including basic masking and layer blending. It creates a “round-trip” workflow where you can start and end in Lightroom, resulting in a brand new image that combines the best elements of your selected originals.

Preparing Your Pictures

As with most Lightroom workflows, you’ll want to start out by carefully selecting your source images. For example, if you wanted to swap out the foreground or background of one picture for another, make sure they share not only a similar resolution and dimensions but also that they have similar lighting. From there, perform your typical raw edits in the Basic, Details, and Lens Correction panels for each image. The two shots I selected are shown in Figure 1, with Edit and Crop badges visible.

Figure 1 Doing a bit of careful selection and raw editing in Lightroom as a first step can produce a better result inside Perfect Layers.

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