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From the author of Become Your Brand

Become Your Brand

When it comes to the branding of a photographer, individuals who are the brand for their business tend to be the most successful. A shift in the business world is currently pushing companies to move away from an impersonal, "strictly business" approach to being more personable and relatable. A photography business should follow the same path. As artists, we're influenced by our experiences and interests, and those facets play a large role in how we see and capture the world around us.

What's my point? Don't just focus on talking about photography-related subjects; instead, publish content based on all your interests. It will give your followers a better look at who you are as an individual and a person, making you more approachable. It also gives you more opportunity to connect with a variety of individuals with mixed interests—not just portrait photography, for example.

As a professional photographer with a large following on multiple social networks, I love talking about photography, travel, humanitarian organizations, technology, and other topics (see Figure 4). As a personal choice, I don't talk about religion or politics; those topics are typically too volatile to conduct civilized conversations with the general public.

Figure 4 In my stream you'll find topics on many subjects, such as the intricacies of traveling to third-world countries.

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