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Frames—you either love 'em or hate 'em. If you use frames on your Web site, you'll probably use one frame for navigational purposes (a navigation bar/menu) and one frame with the main content. Since you can see frames as separate browser windows on the same page, you can click a button in the left frame that will only change the right frame, or vice versa. This way you can have the menu visible at all times. You can also place a logo or a banner in a separate frame if you want to display it at all times. Frames are easy to put together and give a very organized look to your Web site.

But I don't recommend using them.

Frames can be really confusing when you try to bookmark a site, since individual pages of the site can't be bookmarked. Visitors can also have problems printing pages. Also, all browsers handle frames differently.

Other Things to Pay Attention to

  • Locate company logos consistently throughout the site.

  • Avoid scrolling text on your site or in the browser window. Scrolling text slows access to your pages.

  • Spell check your Web site repeatedly, and have other people check it for spelling, grammatical accuracy, clarity, and so on. Ask for critiques from friends, family—even your site's visitors.

  • Always test your hyperlinks to make certain they're not broken, especially after you update your Web site.

  • Be sure to check whether your Web site is compatible with all the leading Web browsers.

  • If you have a commercial Web site and are planning on selling products or services directly from your Web site, it's a good idea to buy secure server space to ensure safe credit card transactions.

  • Submit your Web site to search engines, and check how your site ranks in a search. If your site isn't in the top 25, consider changing your META tags.

  • Many people still have 14-inch or 15-inch monitors. Try to make your site "scroll-free" (at least horizontally).

  • Don't put a lot of banners on your site. Two banners per page should be the max.

  • Validate your HTML code.

  • Don't put a visitor counter on your Web site. Counters don't look professional and can be a real negative form of advertisement if you're not getting a fair volume of traffic to your site.

  • Last but not least, content is king! If you give away something valuable to your visitors, such as information, advice, or software, they'll return. Be interactive, add message boards and chat rooms to your Web site, communicate with your visitors, and let them communicate with each other.

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