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A View from the Real World

  • A number of the old-fashioned principles that worked in the Industrial Age will work in the Internet Age. You don't have to start over.

  • Don't relax; we are just at the beginning of the changes brought about by the Internet Age. Figure out how you can transition your company to be successful online maintaining the brand you currently have in the physical world or dethroning the brand of the current incumbent.

  • Treat the use of the Internet the same as a standard commodity, like electricity.

  • Deliver intense customer focus and exemplary customer service; share value among all your partners.

  • Run many experiments and continue corporate learning to create better products and services.

  • Reexamine your business models and be prepared for continual evolution and change.

  • Support government and private sector activities to bring about global standards in security and privacy.

  • Whether you run your internal IT shop or outsource this function, integrate your front and back office systems to deliver improved speed, collaboration, and integration of processes.

  • Deliver on mass customized products and services.

  • Be prepared to embrace new paradigms as they become pervasive in society and help deliver increased value to the customer.

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