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The Plan Is the Thing

  • Planning should be done with the goal of creating and implementing a holistic, Internet-enabled entity.

  • Other common plans such as business plans or specific functional plans will not work for this purpose.

  • Assume that creation of the holistic Internet-enabled entity will require massive changes in legacy systems, legacy processes, and legacy people.

  • All planning must begin by considering the big picture of the business objectives and the opportunities that are available.

  • From the vision/architecture a set of goals/strategies are created to harness the power of the company to reach its vision.

  • From the goals/strategies, metrics are created to track the company's success at achieving its goals/strategies and are used to compensate employees.

  • Using the goals/strategies and metrics, a series of projects are created; this is a roadmap.

  • Metrics should measure success, be realistic and appropriate for the business goals.

  • The customer should remain the focus of all processes and plans that are developed and implemented.

  • Assigning goals/metrics into every employee's compensation and empowering employees with the necessary information is essential in the Internet Age.

  • Planning done properly leads to an empowered self-running entity that can be responsive to rapid changes in the external environment.

  • The CEO needs to establish the vision, gain commitment of all participants in the value chain/web, and create the proper environment for the holistic, Internet-enabled entity.

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