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Review answers

  1. To change the size of an existing artboard, you can double-click the Artboard tool (sp_artboardtool_lg_n2.jpg) and edit the dimensions of the active artboard in the Artboard Options dialog box. Select the Artboard tool, position the pointer over an edge or corner of the artboard, and drag to resize. Select the Artboard tool, click an artboard in the Document window, and change the dimensions in the Control panel.
  2. To rename an artboard, you can select the Artboard tool (sp_artboardtool_lg_n2.jpg) and click within the bounds of an artboard to select it. Then, change the name in the Name field in the Control panel. You can also double-click the name of the artboard in the Artboards panel (artboards_panel_icon1.jpg) to rename it or click the Options button (artboard_options_panel1.jpg) in the Artboards panel to enter the name in the Artboard Options dialog box.
  3. The ruler origin is the point where 0 (zero) appears on each ruler. By default, the ruler origin is set to be 0 (zero) in the top-left corner of the active artboard.
  4. There are two types of rulers in Illustrator: artboard rulers and global rulers. Artboard rulers, which are the default rulers, set the ruler origin at the upper-left corner of the active artboard. Global rulers set the ruler origin at the upper-left corner of the first artboard, no matter which artboard is active.
  5. The Scale Strokes & Effects option, found in the Transform panel (or in Illustrator > Preferences > General [Mac OS] or Edit > Preferences > General [Windows]), scales any strokes and effects as the object is scaled. This option can be turned on and off, depending on the current need.
  6. The Free Transform tool (freetransformtool.jpg) can perform a multitude of transformation operations, including move, scale, rotate, shear, and distort (perspective distort and free distort).
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