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Customizing the Windows XP Toolbars And Taskbar: Gosh, Did You Know You Could Do THAT?

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The taskbar is a staple of the Windows UI, but did you know that Windows XP has some pretty amazing options built into the taskbar that are actually pretty nifty? Find out how to dock Media Player in your taskbar and other nifty customizations in this sample chapter.
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The Taskbar is a jumping off point for opening folders and files. It includes the Start button and a few icons that open programs. You can add more icons to have one-click access to the programs you need. There are also toolbars hidden away in the Taskbar that give you access to even more of your files and folders.

Microsoft stretches the meaning of toolbar beyond that of a horizontal strip with icons on it. Windows XP toolbars can also exist as vertical strips or even as menus on the Taskbar or floating windows.

Add New Toolbar

Desktop toolbars can take several forms. In addition to the traditional icon-studded horizontal, Desktop toolbars can appear as items on the Taskbar, and as stand-alone windows. You can add one or more of the toolbars that come with Windows XP. You can also create your own customized toolbar containing the contents of one of your folders.


Right-click the Taskbar to bring up the shortcut menu.

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