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Like this article? We recommend

Blogging with iWeb

iWeb includes templates for blogs that actually include three different pages: the main blog page that includes abstracts of recent entries and links to the entries in their entirety, the archive page that contains a list of all published entries, and the entry page that contains a single entry. The main blog page pulls the name and date of each entry from the page that contains that entry. It also pulls a thumbnail of the main picture included at the top of the entry page and an abstract of the first few lines of text in the entry. The archive page pulls the name and date of each entry from the entry pages.

Each blog "page" displays as a folder in the Site Navigation pane; when you click the triangle next the folder, you see an entries page and an archive page (see Figure 11). When you click the folder name for the blog, it displays the main page for editing. Likewise, the archive page inside the folder displays the archive page for editing. You can edit all the items on these pages, but you cannot edit the names/dates of entries. Nor can you edit the thumbnails or abstracts for entries on the main blog page.

Figure 11

Figure 11 Viewing an entry page for a blog

When you click the Entries page for a blog, you will see a list of entries displayed at the top of the workspace. You also see buttons for adding new entries and deleting a selected entry. To create a new entry, click New Entry and begin editing as you would any other page in iWeb. To edit an existing entry, select it in the list and edit it as you would any page. To delete an entry, select it in the list and click Delete Entry.

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