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Work with Imported Objects

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This chapter is from the book

So far we’ve used Tools included in the Flash application to create different types of objects for our layout. In this chapter, we learn how to incorporate layout elements created in other graphics applications.

We’ll also learn to keep the elements in our project organized, allowing for increased ease of development tasks. We’ll learn to:

Reusable Graphics

Since the framework that we’ve created will serve as the background of our Web site, we can reuse what we’ve drawn multiple times, for each page of our site. To do that, we need to convert the elements into one reusable symbol. When a symbol is used on the Stage, it’s called an instance. (See extra bits on Page 38.)

The rectangles and text that we created so far have now been moved into the Framework symbol, and an instance of that symbol has replaced them on the Stage.

Let’s take a moment to put the Library panel into the Panels Dock since we’ll be using it extensively throughout the rest of the book.

Click the Title Bar, the area above and beside the Library tab, and drag it over the Panels Dock.

Release the panel.

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