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Video: Lightroom CC Tips with RC Concepcion: Creating Panoramas and HDR
Sep 2, 2015
RC Concepcion, author of The HDR Book: Unlocking the Pros' Hottest Post-Processing Techniques, 2nd Edition, shows you how to create HDRs and Panoramas in Lightroom CC (2015 release), focusing on how Adobe has added the Merge capability into the 2015 release -- a great addition to the program!
Portrait Lighting with Nikon Speedlights
Aug 31, 2015
In this chapter from Mastering Nikon Speedlights: A Complete Guide to Small Flash Photography and the Creative Lighting System, Alan Hess discusses lighting for photographing portraits of people, including classic lighting strategies, hard versus soft light comparisons, advice for using one and multiple lights, and, finally, approaches for taking environmental portraits where the location needs to be lit as well as the person.
6 Easily Overlooked Features in Photos for OS X
Aug 27, 2015
The new Photos for OS X application, which replaces iPhoto and Aperture on the Mac, contains many features that aren't initially apparent. Jeff Carlson, author of Photos for OS X and iOS: Take, Edit, and Share Photos in the Apple Photography Ecosystem, reveals six features that might seem hidden at first.
Video: Lightroom CC Tips with RC Concepcion: Smart Collections
Aug 26, 2015
Smart Collections let you create collections in Lightroom based on specific criteria. In this video, RC Concepcion, author of The HDR Book: Unlocking the Pros' Hottest Post-Processing Techniques, 2nd Edition, talks to you about how to use Smart Collections inside of Lightroom to make your life a lot easier.
When Too Much Is Just Right: A Decade of Changes in LAB Color Technique
Aug 25, 2015
In 2005, Dan Margulis revolutionized workflows with a best-selling survey of the uses of the LAB colorspace. Ten years later, a new edition of Photoshop LAB Color is out. In this article, Dan uses automation and common sense to improve on the most popular moves of the first edition.
The Brand Flip: Tangible ↻ Immaterial
Aug 24, 2015
In this excerpt from The Brand Flip: Why customers now run companies and how to profit from it, Marty Neumeier explains that industry is undergoing a massive migration from a material-based economy to a digital one. A product becomes a symbol and the symbol becomes the product, which can offer tremendous value as a building block in a customer's personal identity.
Introduction to iCloud Photo Library
Aug 20, 2015
iCloud Photo Library is Apple’s grand attempt at making all your photos and videos available on any device, at any time. Jeff Carlson shows you how to work with it in this chapter from Photos for OS X and iOS: Take, edit, and share photos in the Apple photography ecosystem.
Styling and Props in Food Photography
Aug 18, 2015
Nicole S. Young explains that creating an amazing-looking dish is an art, whether you eat it or photograph it, and you can do a lot of little things to enhance the look of the food and (ideally) make people salivate when they view your photographs.
Portraits With One Speedlite
Aug 17, 2015
In this chapter from Speedliter's Handbook: Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites, 2nd Edition, Syl Arena will take you through many of the types of light you can create with a single Speedlite. Ultimately, it is your imagination and willingness to experiment that will be your guide.
The Headshot: My Lethal Combination
Aug 13, 2015
In this chapter from The Headshot: The Secrets to Creating Amazing Headshot Portraits, Peter Hurley explains how capturing that combination of confidence and approachability is the key to a great headshot.
The Photographer's Pricing System: The Grand Reveal
Aug 12, 2015
In this excerpt from The Photographer's Pricing System: Get paid what you're worth for portraits and weddings, Alicia Caine explains that by establishing your price points first and then tweaking the content of your collections, you gain greater flexibility to test what will sell best and what your clients will be the most drawn to, as well as on how to present it.
Processing Your Food Photography Images with Adobe Lightroom
Aug 10, 2015
In this chapter from Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots, 2nd Edition, Nicole S. Young walks you through using the Develop module in Adobe Lightroom to get the most out of your food photos.
The Communications Abilities of Your Apple Watch
Aug 6, 2015
This chapter from The Apple Watch Book: Master the most personal computer in your life covers the communication abilities of Apple Watch, including calling, texting, and using Digital Touch to reach your contacts. This section also covers how to set up and use Apple Pay on your watch, and more.
The Photographer's Pricing System: The Ideal Client and Your Marketplace
Aug 5, 2015
In this chapter from The Photographer's Pricing System: Get paid what you're worth for portraits and weddings, Alicia Caine discusses designing your ideal-client avatar, the price point of affordability, prequalifying clients, pricing on your website, and the courage to turn away.
Why Logic Pro X Is the Right Choice for Professional Music Production
Aug 3, 2015
Whatever your workflow, and independently of the genre of music you’re producing, Logic Pro X provides you with a vast array of tools that facilitate the metamorphosis of your idea from that initial melody in your head to the complete resulting piece of music. David Nahmani lists all the reasons you should consider using Logic Pro X for Professional Music Production.
Making the First Edit in Final Cut Pro X 10.2
Jul 30, 2015
In this chapter from Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X 10.2: Professional Post-Production, Brendan Boykin walks you through the first edit, or rough cut, of a project.
Nikon D7200: The Professional Modes
Jul 29, 2015
It is essential that you understand not only how to control the professional modes, but why you are controlling them. In this chapter from Nikon D7200: From Snapshots to Great Shots, Jerod Foster describes these modes, including Programmed Auto mode, Shutter Priority mode, Aperture Priority mode and Manual mode.
HDR Photography: Starting and Ending in Lightroom
Jul 27, 2015
In this chapter from HDR Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots, Tim Cooper shows you how to prepare your images for the HDR process using Adobe Lightroom.
Reconnecting Missing Folders and Photos in Lightroom CC
Jul 23, 2015
Understanding the relationship between the Lightroom catalog and your photos will help you avoid the most common pitfalls faced by new users. Rob Sylvan, author of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (2015 release) / Lightroom 6 Learn by Video, shows you how prevent your folders and photos from becoming disconnected from the Lightroom catalog, and how to fix things if they do.
A Roadmap for Creating an Effective Content Strategy
Jul 22, 2015
Brain Traffic content strategist Meghan Casey, author of The Content Strategy Toolkit: Methods, Guidelines, and Templates for Getting Content Right, talks about the content strategy framework that just might save your next website redesign project.

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