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Add Email Notification to Your Blog with FeedBurner
Feb 9, 2007
Some of us don't want to fool around with RSS just to keep up with blogs we like. FeedBurner offers a cool option to get email notices when a site is updated with new content. Maria Langer shows how to add this free feature to your blog.
Blogging from Afar with Blogger
Oct 13, 2006
Elizabeth Castro shows you how to add posts to your blog from your email program, from your browser's toolbar, or from your telephone.
Final Cut Pro Power Tip: Keeping Files Under Control with Render Manager
Apr 7, 2006
Render files eat disk space surprisingly quickly. But with your Final Cut Pro files and folders set up according to Larry Jordan's advice, you can use the Render Manager to recover that lost space in a trice. (Maybe even half a trice!)
New Web Tools for Writers
Feb 10, 2006
New web-based processors are popping up everywhere. Do they work as well as Microsoft Word? What do you get? What's missing? Laurie Rowell takes a look.
How To Create an RSS Aggregator with PHP and AJAX
Dec 9, 2005
Imagine using a simple HTML file to send a request to a server-side script, receive a custom XML file based on that request, and then display it to the user without ever refreshing the browser! Kris Hadlock explains how to use a combination of PHP and AJAX to create real-time data transfers in any application without a browser refresh.
Make Easy Money with Google Starting with Content
Sep 30, 2005
Determine what your Web site's going to be about before you start building it to ensure you create compelling, AdSense-friendly content. Author Eric Giguere offers up tips on finding the topic for your site that's most likely to do well and make money in Google's popular AdSense program.

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