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Using an Encrypted Local Database in Adobe AIR
Apr 7, 2009
Secure data storage and retrieval is a cornerstone of most websites. Just as Adobe AIR applies web technologies to create desktop applications, as of AIR 1.5 you can also incorporate an encrypted local database in your desktop applications. Larry Ullman provides the details.
Using Number Variables in PHP
Feb 25, 2009
Learn to work with number variables in PHP, both integers (whole numbers) and floating-point numbers (aka floats or decimals).
Finding Scriptable Objects with AppleScript
Jan 28, 2009
Finding scriptable objects is a common task and something that AppleScript and scriptable applications do exceptionally well. In this chapter, the authors cover the techniques used to locate specific scriptable objects.
How to Create Scripts for Online Forms with Adobe LiveCycle Designer
Oct 5, 2007
Digital forms expert J.P. Terry shows you how to improve the functionality and usability of your online forms through scripting.
From Flash to Flex: Creating ActionScript Components for Flex
Jul 27, 2007
Kris Hadlock explains how to create an ActionScript component for Flex by using XML as a data source to offer reusability in your Flex applications.
From Flash to Flex: Moving to ActionScript 3
Jul 6, 2007
In his second article from the Flash to Flex series, which focuses on helping you migrate your work environment from Flash to Flex by learning the differences between and comparing the two applications, Kris Hadlock shows you all you need to know to get started using ActionScript 3. In this article you’ll learn how to create packages and classes and incorporate them into a Flex project.
From Flash to Flex: Integrating ActionScript with MXML
Jun 8, 2007
Are you familiar with Flash and interested in making a move to Flex? This article is for you. It will show you the differences between the two applications and how to make a smooth transition. In this first article of a multipart series, "From Flash to Flex," Kris Hadlock shows you how to begin creating your first Flex application by integrating ActionScript with MXML.
PHP 5 Security Techniques
Apr 13, 2007
Most beginning programmers fail to understand the truth about security: there is no such thing as "secure" or "insecure." The wise programmer knows that the real question is how secure a site is. The focus in this sample chapter is therefore how to make your applications more secure.
Security Techniques
Mar 19, 2007
Building a Table Class in ActionScript 2.0
Mar 16, 2007
Bront Davis says that it's not as complicated as you may think to display tabular HTML data in a Flash application. Working with ActionScript and XPath, this article examines a custom class for presenting HTML-based table data in Flash.
ActionScripting for Designers: Controlling Audio
Feb 23, 2007
In this article, James Gonzalez sets you up to practice creating and using some important ActionScript components including functions and Sound objects. You will learn how to create a custom sound object to control the volume of an audio file playing, not from a timeline, but from within the library.
Flash ActionScripting for Designers: Scripting a Telescoping Menu
Feb 9, 2007
Flash is a great tool for creating animated menus and other navigation elements. James Gonzalez shows you how to use ActionScript to create a compact telescoping menu system that saves valuable screen real estate yet still provides one-click access to many pages of your web site.
Flash ActionScripting for Designers: Controlling Independent Timelines
Jan 19, 2007
Flash can run multiple movie clip and SWF Timelines simultaneously. It is often useful to get these various Timelines working together with one Timeline controlling some or all of the others with ActionScript. This communication is achieved through the use of target paths. In this article, author James Gonzalez reviews this important concept through the use of examples containing working target path scripts.
Flash ActionScripting for Designers: Controlling Timeline Playback
Jan 12, 2007
In Flash, once a movie starts, it plays in its entirety until it either reaches the last frame of the last scene on the Timeline, or it is instructed otherwise. The only way to instruct Flash is through the use of ActionScript. Author James Gonzalez reviews the basic scripts you must learn to direct Flash to execute basic but critical project functions.
HTML Forms and PHP
Jan 5, 2007
This chapter covers the basics of creating HTML forms and how the form data is transmitted to your PHP script. It introduces several key concepts of real PHP programming, including how to debug and manage errors in your scripts.
JavaScript Language Essentials
Dec 29, 2006
Tom Negrino and Dori Smith go into detail about the basic elements of JavaScript and introduce you to other aspects of the JavaScript language, such as loops, arrays, and more about functions.
Flash ActionScripting for Designers: Taking the Mystery Out of ActionScript
Dec 15, 2006
To really get the most out of Flash, you need to learn and use ActionScript. Read this concise ActionScript primer by author James Gonzalez to start taking the mystery out of this versatile and powerful web technology.
Language Essentials
Nov 20, 2006
HTML Forms and PHP
Nov 3, 2006
Creating Dynamic Web Sites with PHP and MySQL
Jul 14, 2006
This chapter covers a hodgepodge of ideas, all used to create dynamic Web applications. These include incorporating external files, writing and using your own functions, sending email, redirecting the Web browser, and using PHP's date() function.

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