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Create Art: Make Your Own Photo Background
Dec 29, 2006
If the background of your picture is getting more attention than the subjects in the foreground, try Helen Bradley's Photoshop trick for making the background more attractive and a lot less distracting.
Creating a Home or Small Office Server Using Apple's AirPort Extreme Base Station
Jun 1, 2007
Looking to set up centralized file and printer sharing for your home or office? Want to avoid sacrificing performance of any of your computers or suffering the hassle of setting up a server? Apple's AirPort Extreme offers a simple, cross-platform, one-stop solution that includes incredible performance. Ryan Faas shows you why AirPort Extreme's amazing combination of features for a relatively low price point is a great tool for your home or small business.
Creating a Podcast
Oct 27, 2006
Take a look at the process of creating an audio podcast, from the nuts and bolts of recording techniques to the software that can help you edit and manipulate the podcast.
Creating a Podcast
Nov 11, 2005
So, you fancy yourself an amateur DJ, or an amateur talk show host. Podcasting offers you the opportunity to self-publish radio shows on the internet. This chapter explains both the legal and technological requirements of podcasting, and how you can get started creating your own podcasts.
Creating a Twitter Widget with Ajax
Aug 12, 2009
Kris Hadlock shows how to use Ajax to join the Twitter revolution, by adding your tweets to your own website.
Creating and Managing Images
Feb 26, 2007
Creating Audio CDs from Any Source
Sep 17, 2004
Mix tapes are a thing of the past. Today, it's all about mix CD's, and in this chapter, Bob Starrett and Josh McDaniel give you the basics of burning a music CD with a minimum of judgment regarding your musical tastes.
Creating Lightroom Slide Shows
Nov 30, 2007
NAPP instructor Dave Cross takes you on a tour of Lightroom’s slide show tools as he shows you how to create and customize your own slide shows in Adobe Lightroom.
Creating RSS Feeds
Nov 13, 2006
Creating Suspense with Sound Design in Soundtrack Pro
Apr 21, 2006
In this lesson, you’ll take the skills presented earlier in the book and apply them to the sound design of a suspense scene. First you’ll watch the scene and determine a strategy for the sound. Then you’ll add markers in the Timeline for specific sounds effects. Once the markers are in place, you’ll work with sound effects to add reality, illusion of space, and mood to the scene. Along the way you’ll also organize tracks, change track names and icons, and learn some new features and shortcuts.
Creating Timelapse WebCam Movies on a Mac
Aug 31, 2007
A WebCam is one way to show off what's going on outside your window or in your office, but sometimes still photos don't share the whole picture. Why not put your WebCam view into motion by turning all those images into a timelapse movie? In this article, author and WebCam tinkerer Maria Langer shows you how.
Creative-Image Artistry
Nov 13, 2006
Customizing iDVD Themes
Dec 1, 2005
Want to break free of the iDVD pre-set themes and create your own disc menu screen for your DVD masterpiece? From choosing background music to creating your own screen layout, Jaemi Loeb will help you take the best of what iDVD has to offer and make it distinctly yours.
Customizing WordPress with Google AdSense Ads
Nov 24, 2008
Placing ads in your WordPress blog may not earn you a big wad of cash, but Google AdSense makes the process easy enough that it's worth the effort. Miraz Jordan shows how simply you can get rolling with AdSense.
Customizing Your .Mac Homepage With iWeb
Apr 7, 2006
iWeb makes it easy to create polished Web sites in no time, but can you make a site that expresses your personality instead of looking exactly like Apple's templates? You bet, says Ryan Faas, and it's not hard, either.
Dave Cross's Top Ten New Photoshop Elements Features
Oct 15, 2004
Photoshop Dream Team Instructor David Cross narrows down the many possibilities to come up with the top ten features of Adobe's popular image-editing software.
Designing a Custom YouTube Channel
Oct 5, 2009
Kris Hadlock explains how to customize your organization's presence on YouTube, with some relatively easy settings changes to make you stand out from the crowd.
Digital Estate Planning for Designers, Photographers and Developers
Jul 18, 2011
As a creative professional, your client projects, personal projects and everything else you do add up to gigabytes of digital information. What's going to happen to it after you die? Evan Carroll explains why you need a digital estate plan and walks you through how to put a plan together.
Digital Scrapbooking 101
Jan 28, 2005
Helen Bradley teaches the ins and outs of digital scrapbooking including harnessing the power of Photoshop for photo editing and finding online resources like background, fonts, and even complete page layouts.
Digital Video Editing Tips: Organizing Your Video
Oct 27, 2008
this chapter will guide you in how to label tapes, take notes efficiently, and prepare for editing should you decide that’s what you want to do.

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