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Don't Move! How to Add Motion to Your Movies
Jan 19, 2007
One of the advantages of a small camera is that it easily moves with you. However, when you're shooting, motion can become a character in its own right. Slowly moving across a scene imparts a different feeling than quickly scanning your surroundings, for example. This chapter addresses the most common ways of moving the camera to add motion to your movie, including the number one rule: don't move.
DV Technology and the Camcorder
Dec 30, 2005
This chapter covers the basics of shooting digital video, from the various digital video cameras available to the settings you should use to get the best quality captures from your camera.
Extend Your Wireless Network and Play Tunes with AirPort Express
Jan 27, 2006
With her AirPort Express, Maria Langer has figured out a way to get some phenomenal sound from some of that ancient Mac equipment collecting dust in her living room (along with the more modern stuff, of course).
Extending Your iPod for the Mac
Feb 18, 2005
Matthew David tells you how you can add more content to your iPod when you are running Mac, how you can extend the content on your iPod with third-party tools, and why you should really be using a Mac for your iPod.
Fabulous Filters in Photoshop
Jul 14, 2006
The Photoshop filter collection offers more than just filters to make your photo look like it's painted in watercolors. There are filters to add spotlights and some fun options that don't appear on the menus but are only a click or two away. Helen Bradley tells you all you need to know about filters, including how to apply multiple filters at once, how to find hidden options, and how to change the colors that a filter applies to your images. A bonus is a list of 10 filters you can use today!
Facebook Me! Privacy and Security Guide
Mar 7, 2011
In this chapter, Dave Awl gives you tips on how to balance self-expression with discretion on Facebook. He explains the settings that Facebook provides to help you protect your privacy and talks about the one you bring to the party yourself: your common sense.
Filmmaking with Your iPad or iPhone: Prepping the Shoot
Jan 2, 2013
Preparing for a shoot takes many forms. It might be knowing where to look for a hard-to-find prop. It might be having the right tools mastered for your next location scout. It might be understanding the importance of a release form. It all comes down to this: The more you prepare, the greater your chances for success.
Find Your Identity: How to Design a Logo That Suits Your Business
Jan 5, 2007
A successful logo can't be just creative or clever. Because a logo ends up being an important guest at many occasions, it absolutely must perform and behave well no matter what. In this sample chapter, you'll learn what makes a good logo and how to design one that's right your business.
Five Steps to Profiting Through Social Media
Feb 21, 2012
Is your business still just gingerly dipping a toe into the surface of the social media pool? It's time to dive into the deep end. Brian Proffitt, author of The PayPal Official Insider Guide to Social Media, provides a simple five-point list of ways to get busy swimming with social media, while avoiding the risk of drowning.
Fix Common Color Problems in Photoshop Elements 5: Video Tutorial
Dec 15, 2006
In this video tutorial, Matt Kloskowski shows you how to use the new Adjust Color Curves feature in Elements 5 to easily—and visually—fix common color problems.
Flash ActionScripting for Designers: Controlling Independent Timelines
Jan 19, 2007
Flash can run multiple movie clip and SWF Timelines simultaneously. It is often useful to get these various Timelines working together with one Timeline controlling some or all of the others with ActionScript. This communication is achieved through the use of target paths. In this article, author James Gonzalez reviews this important concept through the use of examples containing working target path scripts.
Flash ActionScripting for Designers: Controlling Timeline Playback
Jan 12, 2007
In Flash, once a movie starts, it plays in its entirety until it either reaches the last frame of the last scene on the Timeline, or it is instructed otherwise. The only way to instruct Flash is through the use of ActionScript. Author James Gonzalez reviews the basic scripts you must learn to direct Flash to execute basic but critical project functions.
Flashy Flash On the Go: Creating Animations For Cell Phones
Jul 20, 2007
Adobe Ambassador Mike McHugh shows how to use Illustrator CS3—combined with Adobe’s Device Central CS3 and Flash CS3—to create animations that can be played on a cell phone. The best part? No ActionScript required.
Frame It: How to Frame Digital Images with Photoshop
Aug 4, 2006
A good picture deserves a good frame. Just as you frame the artwork you hang on your wall, you can also create frames for your digital photos and art. Photoshop has plenty of tools to help you make wonderful frames that complement and enhance your photos. Helen Bradley shows you how to create a range of frame effects in Photoshop. In the process, you'll learn some handy ways for working in Photoshop and discover practical applications for styles and filters.
Free Audio Tools that Work with Flash
Mar 24, 2006
One of Flash's many strengths is its capability to consistently and reliably play back sound across a wide variety of computer platforms and environments. Flash has a comprehensive set of utilities and tools to work with audio, but there are several free, dedicated audio tools that can do an even better job. James Gonzalez reviews several free audio tools that he has used professionally and with his students to streamline audio work with Flash.
From Sound Card to Stereo: Connecting Your PC to Your Stereo
Nov 5, 2004
Learn how to analyze the a/v equipment you've got to make sure outputs and inputs are compatible for connecting your PC to your home stereo.
Fun Effects in Photoshop CS3: Fold Your Photo
Jul 27, 2007
Helen Bradley shows you a simple process to create a folded photo effect in Photoshop using the Liquify filter to create the distorted edges and gradient fills to add dimension.
Fun Effects in Photoshop CS3: Make Your Photos Bend with Vanishing Point
Jun 29, 2007
Are you ready to showcase your art on a billboard or up on a building? In this article, Helen Bradley shows you how to harness the power of the Vanishing Point filter to create fun effects with your digital images.
Fun Effects in Photoshop CS3: Photo Frames From Photos
Aug 3, 2007
If there's one thing better than a great photograph it's a great photograph in a frame that you create yourself. Just as you might make and decorate a store-bought frame, you can make and decorate a digital frame for your favorite pictures. It is a simple process to photograph objects to use to create your own frames and then put them together to illustrate your art. In this second article in her series on fun effects in Photoshop CS3, Helen Bradley looks at how you can create photo frames using your own photos and harnessing the power of the selection tools in Photoshop CS3.
Fundamentals of Game Design: Game Worlds
Oct 8, 2009
This chapter defines a game world and introduces the various dimensions that describe a game world: the physical, temporal, environmental, emotional, and ethical dimensions, as well as a quality called realism.

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