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It's Tricky: Scott Kelby's Coolest iPod Tips & Tricks
Feb 1, 2008
Best-selling author Scott Kelby shares a few of his best tips for getting the most out of your iPod.
Setting Up Your Mac to Use a Smartphone's Internet Connection
Feb 1, 2008
Flying clients around in her helicopter sometimes takes Maria Langer off the grid. A bit of experimenting helped her (and now maybe you!) to get connected again, using a smartphone with a Bluetooth interface, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and a dial-up networking service.
Adding Photoshop Automation to Your Lightroom Workflow
Nov 30, 2007
Here's a great timesaver from Scott Kelby: Create a sharpening action in Photoshop, save it as a droplet, and then use that droplet in Lightroom as an export action. Sound interesting? It is, and it's easy.
Give Lightroom Its Own Identity
Nov 30, 2007
Make Lightroom your own by creating a custom identity plate. NAPP instructor Dave Cross shows you how. He also explains how to use identity plates to create reusable, custom border effects.
Steps for Getting Accurate Color in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Nov 30, 2007
Fashion photographer Martin Evening shows how to calibrate and profile your display to ensure that the color you see is the color you get when working in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
Basic Camera Calibration in Photoshop Lightroom
Nov 30, 2007
Should you mess around with your camera's calibration? Maybe. If you notice a greenish or magenta tint to your photos, Scott Kelby recommends adjusting the color with Lightroom's camera calibration features.
Cloning and Healing in Lightroom
Nov 30, 2007
NAPP instructor Dave Cross explains how to use Lightroom’s Cloning and Healing tools to fix blemishes across multiple photos.
Creating Lightroom Slide Shows
Nov 30, 2007
NAPP instructor Dave Cross takes you on a tour of Lightroom’s slide show tools as he shows you how to create and customize your own slide shows in Adobe Lightroom.
How to Use Lightroom's Catalog Export and Import Features
Nov 30, 2007
Martin Evening shows step by step how to import/export Lightroom catalogs from one computer to another (for instance, from a desktop computer to a laptop and vice versa).
Make Your Own Custom Loupe View in Lightroom’s Library or Develop Module
Nov 30, 2007
The Loupe view can display as little or as much information about your photo as you'd like. Scott Kelby describes how to customize the default Loupe view to create a view that really works for you.
Print Multiple Photos on One Page Using Adobe Photoshop LIghtroom
Nov 30, 2007
Scott Kelby shows several handy ways to print multiple photos on one page in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
Tethered Shooting with Photoshop Lightroom
Nov 30, 2007
LCDs on the backs of cameras are growing ever larger, but nothing compares to seeing your photos on your computer screen. That's where tethered shooting comes in, connecting (tethering) your camera to your computer. And you probably already own just about everything you need to get started, says Matt Kloskowski.
Using Keyword Tags and Keywording Panels in Lightroom
Nov 30, 2007
Categorizing your Lightroom images with keyword information helps make a specific image easier to find when you need it. If you have a lot of images, as Martin Evening does, you'll need all the help you can get.
How Scott Kelby Saved a Sorry Looking Landscape Shot Using His 7-Point System
Nov 16, 2007
Best-selling Photoshop author Scott Kelby can fix any photo with his revolutionary 7-Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3. In this sample chapter, he works his magic on a less-than-lovely landscape shot.
How to Use Mail and Calendar on the iPhone
Nov 9, 2007
Gadget guru Chris Breen offers his best tips for using Apple's Mail and Calendar apps with your iPhone.
Inside Numbers: How Apple Does Spreadsheets
Nov 9, 2007
Ryan Faas tells you all about Apple’s new Numbers spreadsheet program, which is flexible and powerful enough for consumers and small businesses (and some larger businesses, too).
Inside the iPhone Part 3: Tips for Getting the Most Out of The Internet on The Go
Oct 26, 2007
The iPhone is so much more than just a phone that it would be a waste to use it strictly for making calls. Ryan Faas shares his top tips for getting the best Wi-Fi reception, organizing boomarks, sharing photos, finding directions, viewing videos, and more.
Quick Guide to Using Photoshop Layers for Great Nighttime Shots
Oct 26, 2007
Author John Carucci explains how to use Photoshop's layers and selection tools to get the most out of your low-light shots.
iPhoto '08's Greatest Hits
Oct 26, 2007
Apple’s new, improved iPhoto ’08 has a slew of new features that will change the way you work with photos on your Mac. Jim Heid, author of the upcoming The Macintosh iLife ’08, takes you on a tour of his favorite iPhoto improvements.
Inside the iPhone Part 2: How to Get the Most Out of Your Phone, iPod, and Email Features
Oct 19, 2007
If you have an iPhone, you could be doing more with it than you realize. Ryan Faas tells you how to get the most out of the iPhone’s phone, iPod, and email features.

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