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Workflow in the Broadcast/Film Environment
Aug 13, 2001
Kim Lee, co-author of Inside 3ds max 4, discusses the ins and outs of creating a production pipeline that works for 3D artists using Discreet's 3ds max 4 modeling and animation software in broadcast and film applications.
Controlling Exposure Using Histograms
Aug 13, 2001
When you work in 3D graphics, it is up to you to simulate the results of a real cameraโ€™s exposure settings. In this article New Rider's author Jeremy Birn teaches you how to use a histogram to control exposure.
Lighting Your Imagery
Aug 13, 2001
Lighting can ruin the best 3D scenes when not done correctly. In this article, New Rider's author Jeremy Birn previews several lighting sources and teaches you to use them to your advantage.
The Psychology of Colors
Aug 13, 2001
We long for golden sunsets, stop for red signs, and suffer from "the blues." This amazing world envelopes us in colors, each invoking a different response. In this article, Owen Demers breaks down how and why we respond to colors the way we do.
Combining 3D and 2D Images
Mar 9, 2001
Janet Ashford and John Odam show you how to combine a rendered 3D image with the scan of a photograph.

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