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Inside Adobe® Photoshop® 6, Limited Edition, 2nd Edition

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Inside Adobe® Photoshop® 6, Limited Edition, 2nd Edition


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 1320
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7357-1159-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-1159-4

Inside Adobe Photoshop 6, Limited Edition has become a cult-favorite in the Photoshop community and the demand for this book continues to increase. This edition of the book has new chapters on advanced techniques, thus increasing its appeal to a growing number in the Photoshop community: seasoned users. This extended edition included bonus chapters on advanced techniques not included in the previous edition. The CD-ROMs include: all exercise files in the book, texture maps, custom photo art, filters, utilities and a graphics glossary compiled by the author. Also included is a complete version of AlienSkin Software's Eye Candy software.


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Table of Contents


1. Photoshop 6: A New Imaging Adventure for Novices and Pros Alike.

Bouton's Version of the History of Photoshop. The Three Ultimate Truths About Photoshop. Quick Keys to Get You Going in the Right Direction. At What Does Photoshop Excel? Terms and Features New to Photoshop. The Verdict? Summary.

2. Getting Your Feet Wet: Your First Masterpiece.

Understanding the Bottom of Photoshop: Selections _and Layers. Using Photoshop Filters and Free Transform. Digging Deeper into Layers. Summary.

3. Understanding Photoshop's New Color Management System.

Understanding Photoshop's New Color Management _System (CMS). Coming to Terms with Color Management. Preparing to Create a Custom Profile. Creating an ICC Profile for a Monitor. Setting Photoshop's Color Management Defaults. The Color Settings Dialog Box, or Laying Down the Rules. Choosing Between Assigning and Converting to Profile. Soft-Proofing, or Seeing Onscreen What an Image Will _Look Like When It's Printed. Summary. Resources.

4. Optimizing Your Workspace: Photoshop Preferences.

Locating the Preferences Dialog Box. Setting the General Preferences. Setting Your Preferences for Saving Files. Specifying How Documents and Cursors Display. Understanding How to Choose Transparency & Gamut Settings. Determining Which Units and Rulers to Use. Specifying Guides and Grids Measurements and Colors. Plug-Ins, Scratch Disks, Memory, and Image Cache. Analyzing Your Computer's Performance. Summary.

5. Introducing Image Formats, Image Modes, and _Color Capability.

Learning About Color Capability. Moving Up the Color-Capability Ladder. Getting the Authors' File Format Recommendations. A Reference of Photoshop File Formats. Summary.

6. Acquiring Photoshop Images.

Working with Kodak PhotoCDs. Using a Scanner to Acquire an Image. Using a Digital Camera. Summary.

7. Outputting Your Photoshop Work.

Interpolation Means “Interpretation”. Going from Continuous Tones to Halftones. PostScript and Image Resolution. Printing Options in Photoshop. Film Recording. Summary.

8. Enhancing Productivity: Automation and Other Cool Tools.

Introducing Actions. Using Droplets. Using the Photoshop Batch Command. Automating Photoshop Externally. Exploring Other Automation Features. Another Cool Tool: The Preset Manager. Summary. Resources.


9. Selecting in Photoshop: Ah, the Many Ways to Select Stuff.

Using the Selection Tools. Extending the Possibilities. Summary. Resources.

10. Building Images Layer by Layer.

Becoming Familiar with Layer Basics. Exploring More Layers Features. Summary.

11. Painting with Pen and Path Selection Tools.

Understanding the Pen Tool Rule—Think of Points. Using the Path Selection Tools. Using Paths to Help Paint an Image. Summary.

12. Introducing Shapes: Someplace Between Paths and Selections.

Exploring the Shape Tools. Using Someone Else's Custom Shapes. Creating Your Own Preset Shapes. Summary.

13. Creating Special Effects with Type.

Examining Type Modes. Text Effects. Summary.


14. Color Correcting and Exposure: Basic Image Improvement.

Defining the Goal of Color Correcting. Touring Photoshop's Color Correcting Commands. Summary.

15. Repairing an Heirloom Photo.

Recognizing Issues Unique to Old Photographs. Knowing the Characteristics of Your Output. Restoring a Damaged Photograph. Summary.

16. Finding (and Fixing) Mistakes in Pictures.

Assessing and Correcting the Compositional Errors. Summary.

17. Using the Clone Stamp Tool, Image Selection, and Distortion.

Skillfully Using the Clone Stamp. Using the Pattern Stamp Tool. Extracting a Foreground Object. Using the Liquify Command. Summary.

18. Making the Impossible Look Plausible: Surrealistic Photoshop.

Developing a Surrealistic Concept. Summary. Resources.

19. Saving the Day with Photoshop and a Scanner.

Connecting Your Scanner to Photoshop. Composing for the Magazine Article. Summary.

20. Mixing 3D Graphics with Photographs.

Understanding Modeling. Isolating the Foreground Hero: Introducing Lars Wuhdqax. Summary.

21. Using a Boatload of Native Photoshop Filters.

Using Filter Effects. Summary. Resources.

22. Working with Type.

Understanding Typefaces and Type Design Principles. Using Photoshop's Type Tool. Summary. Resources.


23. Optimizing Images for the Web.

Optimizing Means Making Smaller, Right? Not Entirely. Saving Images for the Web. Comparing JPEG to GIF. The Portable Network Graphic: PNG. Creating an Optimized Thumbnail Image. Using Droplets to Optimize and Automate Processes. Compressing Only Part of an Image: Masking for Compression in Photoshop. Slicing Images: Another Way to Optimize. Summary.

24. Creating Image Maps and Instant Web Galleries.

Exploring the Power of Image Maps. Photoshop's Web Photo Gallery. Summary.

25. Creating Rollovers and Animations.

Understanding a Rollover and Scripting Language. Introducing ImageReady GIF Animations. Blueprints for Future Animations. Summary.


26. Having Fun with Version Six-Oh-One.

Preventative Medicine, or Nipping Photoshop Mishaps in the Bud. Getting Your Hands on the Upgrade. Bringing the Tools Closer to the Artist. Making Photoshop Play Nicely with the Other Guys. Getting the Authors' Slant on Things. Summary.

27. Creating 3D Objects and Textures: Tricks (or Treats) of the Eye.

Working in 3D. Working with Perspective. Creating a 3D Texture. Painting Dimension into an Image. Summary.

28. Enhancing a Photo.

Understanding Calculations. Editing Out Flaws and Enhancing an Image. Summary. Resource.

29. From Clip Art to Fine Art.

Gathering the Ingredients. Blending the Ingredients. Summary.

30. Spot Color, Duotones, and Powertones.

Understanding Spot Color. Understanding Duotones. Summary.

31. Boutons' Awards for Plug-Ins (BAP).

Sit Back and Soak in the Show. Summary. Resources.


31. Here's Where the Path Divides.

What's on the CDs? Can I Make a Career Out of Photoshop? What Stuff Didn't This Book Cover? Should I Read Other Books? Where Do I Go From Here? Resources.

Appendix: The Inside Adobe Photoshop 6 Limited Edition CDs.

Instructions for Installing Acrobat Reader 5. What's on the Companion CD? Okay, So What's on CD 2: The Bonus CD, Specifically? What to Do If You Have Problems with Either CD?



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