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QuickDraw Basics
By Dan Sydow
Dec 14, 2001
Topics such as the graphics grid and setting drawing parameters are covered in this article on QuickDraw basics by expert author Dan Parks Sydow.
QuickStart Guide to Lighting for Movies
By Jeff Carlson
Feb 8, 2008
Author Jeff Carlson helps you avoid disasters in the editing room by making sure you shoot your films in the right light.
Recoding iWeb Sites Part 1: How to Combine iWeb Sites with Other Web Design Tools for Even Better Sites
By Ryan Faas
May 19, 2006
Apple's iWeb makes creating polished Web pages incredibly easy because you never have to deal with the code. Unfortunately, that also means you can't add Web goodies to your site that require adding pieces of code directly to the page. Fortunately, modifying the code after publishing a site with iWeb is possible, and Ryan Faas fills you in on how to do it.
Recoding iWeb Sites Part 2: Manipulating Code for iWeb-Created Page Elements
By Ryan Faas
Jun 2, 2006
You like iWeb's overall ease of use, right? But what if you need to do something extra with a few of your pages? You designed a site in iWeb and now want to expand the site with other technologies and using a different Web design tool? In part two of Ryan Faas' series, find out about the type of code iWeb creates and how you can rework it for your own use.
Responsive Design in Adobe Dreamweaver CC
By Brian Wood
Oct 23, 2013
Follow along with Adobe expert Brian Wood’s tutorial, and soon you'll be creating your responsive designs in Dreamweaver CC.
Revised Book/DVD to Cover Apple's New iLife Suite
By Jim Heid
Jan 8, 2003
Peachpit Press author given advance access to new versions and is available for comment on Apple's new iLife strategy
Run Windows on Your Mac Using Parallels
By Dwight Silverman
Mar 21, 2008
Now you no longer have to choose between Mac OS X and Windows! Computer columnist Dwight Silverman shows you how to run Windows on your Mac using Parallels.
Script Commands in FileMaker
Feb 1, 2000
Peachpit art
Security Alert!: What Every Vista User Should Know to Keep Their Computer Safe
By Matt Kloskowski, Kleber Stephenson
May 12, 2008
In this excerpt from The Windows Vista Book, authors Matt Kloskowski and Kleber Stephenson show you how to protect a computer running Windows Vista from all of the bad people wanting to do bad things to it.
Set Up Your Own Secure Messaging System with iChat Server
By Ryan Faas
Aug 3, 2007
iChat Server makes adding secure text and audio/video chat to your network fast and easy. Read on with Ryan Faas to find out how to set up internal instant messaging and video conferencing in a few clicks without spending a fortune.
Six Essential GarageBand Tools and Tricks for New Songwriters
By Mary Plummer
Nov 4, 2014
Mary Plummer, author of Apple Pro Training Series: GarageBand, is passionate about helping aspiring musicians and songwriters to overcome recording roadblocks and share their music. Learn how the combined power of GarageBand for iOS and GarageBand for Mac can help new songwriters to record their music and create great-sounding song demos.
Stop Counting Macs! Use Apple Remote Desktop And Never Do Inventory Again
By Ryan Faas
Feb 10, 2006
You probably know that Apple Remote Desktop lets you observe and control Macs across your network, but did you know that it can also count, inventory, and keep track of them for you? In this first of three articles covering the often untapped possibilities of Remote Desktop, Ryan Faas shows you the ways you can use it to significantly improve inventory processes, monitor network performance, remain alert to changes in workstations that might be signs of theft, and prepare customized reports easily on the state of the Macs in your network in preparation for an upgrade.
Ten Reasons to Upgrade to Office 2010
By Steve Schwartz
Sep 1, 2010
Steve Schwartz, author of Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide, reviews 10 features in the various Office 2010 modules that give current users some impetus to upgrade. Whether you're champing at the bit to get the newest version or you're skeptical about needing to upgrade, you may find some of these improvements enticing.
Ten Tips For Creating Professional Presentations in Keynote '08
By Neale Monks
Aug 13, 2007
Keynote '08 provides some of the best tools in the business for creating top-notch slideshows, but to use them properly takes a bit more thought; Neale Monks shows you how.
The New Face of Podcasting: Creating Video Podcasts Using iMovie, GarageBand, and iWeb in iLife '06
By Ryan Faas
Jun 9, 2006
The ease of podcast creating in iLife '06 can turn any Mac owner into the online equivalent of a radio star. But what if you want to star in your own online TV series? The answer is video podcasting, and Ryan Faas says it isn't much harder to put together than a traditional audio podcast.
The PayPal Official Insider Guide to Mobile Profits: Tapping Trends in Mobile Selling and Payments
By Matt T. Jones
Nov 22, 2011
Consumers have begun to expect such prevalent access to mobile content, products, and services that merchants must keep pace with fast-moving mobile trends. Matt T. Jones explains how you can adapt ways to synchronize your content, rely on the Internet “cloud,” and maintain the consistency of your shopping and checkout experience across multiple mobile devices.
The PayPal Official Insider Guide to Selling with Social Media: Mapping the Social Media Landscape and Key Websites
By Brian Proffitt
Jan 30, 2012
Before exploring how to capitalize on social media for your business, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the social media landscape.
The Risks of the Backchannel
By Cliff Atkinson
Jan 14, 2010
If presenters and audiences aren't prepared for the impact of a backchannel, there are risks of misunderstandings and public blowups.
The Top Five Microsoft Office Alternatives for Mac Users
By Ryan Faas
Jun 15, 2007
Need the functionality of Microsoft Office on your Mac, but can't afford its hefty price tag? Tired of waiting for a universal version of Office for your Intel Mac? Ryan Faas gives the ins and outs of some low-cost and free alternatives.
The Top Five Shareware Alternatives to iWeb
By Ryan Faas
Feb 16, 2007
iWeb is often the first thought for many Mac users wanting to easily create websites, blogs, and podcasts without needing to deal with creating code or dealing with server issues. And although iWeb is a great tool, it isn't always the best or the easiest to use. Ryan Faas describes five shareware tools that all offer one or more of the features of iWeb (including publishing to Apple's .Mac service), but they also each offer one or more distinct advantages over iWeb, making them the top five shareware alternatives for Mac users.

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