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10 Minutes with Flash: Creating a Custom Panel
Jul 23, 2004
In only 10 minutes, Robert Hoekman, Jr. shows you how to create a custom panel that pulls up Flash tutorials faster than you can say "Resources."
10 Minutes with Flash: Creating a Loader Component for Flash Player 7
Jun 25, 2004
Don't like writing the same script more than once? In just 10 minutes, Robert Hoekman, Jr. will show you how to turn a pre-loader script into a reusable component.
10 Minutes with Flash: Creating an External Text File with JSFL
Sep 10, 2004
Robert Hoekman, Jr. walks you through how to use JSFL to quickly create an external text file from within a Flash panel to help make sure you always have one right when you need it.
10 Minutes with Flash: Custom, Portable Color Palettes
Apr 9, 2004
Want to get rid of that pesky Web 216-color palette that Flash uses by default? Spend 10 minutes with Robert Hoekman, Jr. to learn how to replace it with your own custom color palette that can be reused in other projects.
10 Minutes With Flash: Distributing Custom Components
Aug 27, 2004
Join Robert Hoekman, Jr. on a trek through a deep thicket of acronyms and learn how to package your very own Flash components in only 10 minutes.
10 Minutes with Flash: Graphics Tablets and Flash MX 2004
Apr 23, 2004
Step away from that mouse right now! In 10 minutes, Robert Hoekman, Jr. shows you how to make the best use of your graphics tablet while working with Flash.
10 Minutes with Flash: Must-Have Flash Tools
Dec 3, 2004
Check out these must-have third-party extensions that make working with Flash more productive and enjoyable.
10 Minutes with Flash: Quick Tricks
May 28, 2004
10 Minutes with Flash: Quick Tricks, Part 2
Jun 11, 2004
Didn't get enough tips and tricks in the last "10 Minutes with Flash" article? Fret not. Robert Hoekman, Jr. has a few other tricks in his arsenal, and each can help you work more efficiently and make you a happier Flash geek.
10 Minutes with Flash: Repeating History through Commands
Dec 23, 2003
Robert Hoekman, Jr. shows you how reliving the past with History and Commands can help you automate your life.
10 Minutes with Flash: Streaming Video with Flash MX 2004 Professional
May 13, 2004
Robert Hoekman shows you how to use the media display component included within Flash MX 2004 Professional. This component allows you to enable your video to play external Flash Video (FLV) files without having to do any Actionscript coding. Using this component, the external videos will actually stream to your users.
10 Minutes with Flash: SWF-to-SWF Communication
Dec 17, 2004
In the world of complicated web applications, there's often a need to communicate between multiple SWF files and to transfer data from one to another. In only 10 minutes, Robert Hoekman, Jr. gets you headed in the right direction with SWF-to-SWF communication.
10 Minutes with Flash: The World According to Shared Libraries
Jan 9, 2004
In 10 minutes or less, Robert Hoekman, Jr. can show you how to share assets between movies during development or on the fly.
10 Minutes with Flash: Ultimate Resources for Learning Flash
Jan 7, 2005
After 20 articles in the 10 Minutes with Flash series, Robert Hoekman, Jr. bids farewell by pointing to what he believes are the best Flash resources, online and off. Read on for a list of killer Flash resources.
10 Minutes with Flash: Using LoadVars to Send Form Data
Mar 12, 2004
In the latest installment of his 10 Minutes with Flash series, Robert Hoekman, Jr. shows you how to package up form data and send it to the server.
10 Minutes with Flash: Working with Web Services
Aug 13, 2004
Robert Hoekman, Jr. shows you how to connect to web services and display the resulting data in Flash. And, as always, he does it in 10 minutes.
10 Minutes with Flash: Writing Custom Behaviors
Jul 9, 2004
Don't you wish Flash MX 2004 came with more built-in behaviors? In only 10 minutes or less, Robert Hoekman, Jr. helps you create your own behaviors and save yourself lots of grief.
10 New Studies About People That May Surprise Designers
Nov 30, 2015
Whatever you're designing, ultimately there's a person at the end of the product who's going to use it. How much do you really know about how people think and behave? Susan Weinschenk, author of 100 MORE Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People, shares some of the new research in behavioral and brain science that may surprise you.
10 of the Coolest Little Tips You Didn't Know about Your iPod
Nov 19, 2009
Whether you've had your iPod for a while or just picked up that new nano, Scott Kelby's ten tips will make you love your iPod that much more.
10 Photoshop Retouching Tips for Your Studio Images
Apr 13, 2012
RC Concepcion (author, NAPP Instructor, and host of “DTownTV”) goes over some tried and true steps to keep in mind when working with portraits in a studio setting. By leveraging the power of Photoshop, you'll take a great studio shoot, and move it to the next level.

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