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GarageBand for Audiophiles (and Audio files)
Nov 11, 2005
Jaemi Loeb offers tips for professional-quality digital editing (copy/paste, filtering, and DSP's) of pre-recorded audio files using GarageBand 2 (part of iLife '05).
General Troubleshooting Theory for Apple Desktops and Portable Systems
Jul 7, 2006
Let the official Apple Training Series show you how the Apple systematic approach to troubleshooting theory and component isolation can benefit you and your customers by making your a better technician.
Get Consistent Color With Nikon's Capture NX
Apr 20, 2007
Getting predictable color from any image editing program is not easy, but Capture NX offers some simple color management tools that make color reproduction more predictable. In this chapter, you'll take a look at some of the basics of color management theory and how color management is handled in Capture NX, so you'll have more consistent color throughout your workflow.
Get the Most out of Mail and with Your Microsoft Surface Tablet
Jan 23, 2013
This chapter from Microsoft Surface: Visual QuickStart Guide focuses on the Mail app and how it, along with People and Calendar, uses to do more on the tablet.
Get Your Site Noticed with a Solid Link Strategy
Oct 5, 2007
Shari Thurow explains how to create a link development strategy that search engines will love.
Getting Started With Logic Pro 7
Nov 22, 2006
This one-hour lesson explores some basic functions you'll use when working in Logic, such as zooming in and out on an editing window's display, making selections with Logic's unique selection techniques, hiding tracks, and creating custom key commands to control Logic's editing functions. The techniques in this lesson provide a good foundation of skills you'll constantly use while making music in Logic.
Getting the Most out of Your iPhone 4 Video Camera
Nov 8, 2011
Joanna Silber explains what you can—and can't—expect from your iPhone 4 video camera.
Getting Video Onto Your iPod
Jan 27, 2006
Get an iPod for Christmas? Music is great, but what about the video? In this article Matthew David shows you where to go to fill your iPod to the max with video.
Give Lightroom Its Own Identity
Nov 30, 2007
Make Lightroom your own by creating a custom identity plate. NAPP instructor Dave Cross shows you how. He also explains how to use identity plates to create reusable, custom border effects.
Guide to Creating and Managing Images in Photoshop Elements 5
Apr 6, 2007
This chapter offers some basic guidelines on adjusting image size and resolution, depending on whether you want to print, email, or post to the Web. The authors also cover creating images from scratch (which is what some people use Elements for, ignoring the Organizer entirely). You'll also learn the different methods for viewing additional information about your images.
Hacking iTunes: Programming iTunes on the Windows Platform
May 6, 2005
In his continuing series on hacking your iPod, Matthew David gives you the skinny on developing the plugins and extensities you need to make iTunes for Windows rock.
Hacking Your iPod: Building Windows Solutions to Load Content onto Your iPod and iTunes
Mar 18, 2005
Like your iPod? But don't you wish it could do just one more thing? Stop complaining and start programming! Matthew David exposes you to the fundamentals of programming iTunes to store more on your iPod.
Handheld Moviemaking: iMovie on the iPhone
Apr 4, 2012
Joanna Silber hated using iMovie from the first minute she opened it on her iPhone. Then she started working with it, and the app pretty rapidly changed her mind. Read what this iMovie convert says about it now.
Heading the Girl Game Revolution
Nov 4, 2005
With females making up over 43 percent of gamers, why would game makers ignore them? Christine M. Cook uncovers the common myths, preferences, and preferred games for both girls and women.
His and Her Gadgets
Jun 4, 2004
Do men and women look for different things when shopping for cool gadgets? Explore how gender matters in high-tech toys.
Home Theater Upgrade Diary Part 1: Determining What to Buy
Sep 2, 2005
Michael Miller just finished setting up his new home theater system and put together a diary of his travails. In Part 1 of a three-part series, he takes you through the process of deciding which components to buy.
Home Theater Upgrade Diary Part 2: Audio and Video Components
Sep 9, 2005
Continuing his series on the successes and problems of setting up a new home theater system, Michael Miller explains why and how he chose the audio and video components of his new home theater system.
How Scott Kelby Saved a Sorry Looking Landscape Shot Using His 7-Point System
Nov 16, 2007
Best-selling Photoshop author Scott Kelby can fix any photo with his revolutionary 7-Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3. In this sample chapter, he works his magic on a less-than-lovely landscape shot.
How Social Media Built the Obama Brand: Understanding the Past
Jun 4, 2009
Rahaf Harfoush looks at some of the important technological innovations that made many aspects of the Obama campaign possible and examines the political decisions that allowed the Obama team to be innovative with their social media strategy.
How to Add A Quick Border In Photoshop Elements 6
Sep 25, 2007
You can give your photos a professional finish by adding a white or colored border to them. The technique is so easy, you’ll want to do it for all of your photos. The Adobe Creative Team shows you how.

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