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Building An Access Database in Dreamweaver MX 2004
By Sean Nicholson
Nov 13, 2003
Sean Nicholson shares some intricacies in working with databases and Dreamweaver MX 2004 to create a human resources management system.
Choosing the Right PayPal Payment Solution
By Michael Miller
Aug 24, 2011
PayPal offers a variety of payment processing solutions for merchants of all types and sizes. Which of PayPal's various solutions is best for your business? Michael Miller helps you choose the right payment solution for you.
Create Effective Fliers And Mailers That Really Work
By John McWade
Oct 6, 2006
Is it possible to design a low-budget flier that really sells a product? Yes, if you can keep all eyes on the product. Just follow the steps in this sample chapter, and you'll improve the vitality of your fliers and mailers through simple, yet effective, design techniques.
Creating a Data Entry Layout in FileMaker Pro
By Steve Schwartz
Jan 20, 2006
Sometimes, the default layout presented by Filemaker Pro will work just fine, but most of the time you'll want to do some customization. This chapter takes you step-by-step through the process of customizing a data entry layout in Filemaker Pro 8.
Creating a Newsletter Template in Apple iWork
By David Morris
Dec 1, 2005
In this chapter we'll begin building a template for the organization's newsletter. Using placeholder text and images we'll design a look and feel for the publication and create a file that can be used and easily modified each time we publish the newsletter.
Creating FileMaker Pro Layouts
By Cynthia Baron, Daniel Peck
Apr 25, 2003
Learn how to customize the appearance of your data for specific tasks and users through FilaMaket Pro layouts.
Customizing Your .Mac Homepage With iWeb
By Ryan Faas
Apr 7, 2006
iWeb makes it easy to create polished Web sites in no time, but can you make a site that expresses your personality instead of looking exactly like Apple's templates? You bet, says Ryan Faas, and it's not hard, either.
Designing the Obvious, Part 2: Knowing What to Build and Why
By Robert Hoekman
Mar 10, 2006
Why do software projects fail? In most cases, says Robert Hoekman, Jr., it's simply a matter of poor planning. If you don't have a firm grasp of who is going to use your product or site, and why, you'll succeed only by accident. He explains where you need to focus attention and effort to help your product or site live up to the organization's expectations.
Document Design with Style in Word 2003
By Laurie Rowell
Jul 16, 2004
Designing your own document designs gives you control of the finished product. All you need to do is master a few basic design principles as you learn to use Word styles. Laurie Rowell gives you the scoop on defining and applying these styles to give you the look you want.
Dragon Dictate 2.5: Editing Text
By Maria Langer
Dec 14, 2011
Unless you know exactly what you want to say and how to say it as you dictate using Dragon Dictate 2.5, you’ll likely need to edit the original text to make changes in content and formatting. Dragon Dictate can help you do that, and Maria Langer shows you how.
Entering Sales in Quickbooks Pro for Macintosh
By Maria Langer
Mar 24, 2006
Sales transactions are those that show an exchange of goods and services for payment or a promise to pay. Every successful business should record some kind of sales transaction—the more, the better! This chapter explains how to use QuickBooks to enter sales and estimates. It also explains how to monitor and adjust your customers' accounts receivable balances to ensure that you receive proper payment on a timely basis.
FileMaker Basics
By Nolan Hester
Oct 6, 2006
This sample chapter provides a visual map for learning all of FileMaker's major functions. By taking a brief look at the menus assembled here and the explanations of how they and various commands work, you'll get a quick overview of FileMaker that will allow you to dive right in.
Gathering Image and Sound Files for Your Powerpoint Presentation
By Tom Negrino
Nov 3, 2006
Tom Negrino offers suggestions for using images, sounds, and even video clips to enhance your presentations.
Getting Familiar with Adobe Reader
By Ted Padova
Sep 2, 2005
Adobe Reader offers an overwhelming array of options. Luckily, Ted Padova offers his services as a guide through the thicket of choices in this sample chapter.
Getting Power and Performance from Your Virtual PC
By John Traenkenschuh
Sep 23, 2005
What are those icons on the bottom of the Virtual PC window? How can I make Windows run more efficiently on my Virtual PC? Is there any way to tune it? How do I exchange data between the iMac and the emulated PC? John Traenkenschuh has the answers.
Getting Started with Microsoft Word 2010
By Steve Schwartz
Jul 29, 2010
In this introductory chapter, Steve Schwartz explains the Word interface, working in different views, and entering and editing text.
Getting Started with Word 2013
By Steve Schwartz
Apr 22, 2013
In this introductory chapter, you’ll learn about the Word interface, working in different views, and entering and editing text.
Getting the Type Right: Tips for Working with Text in PowerPoint 2007
By Tom Negrino
Nov 21, 2007
Author Tom Negrino explains how to work with text in PowerPoint 2007 using step-by-step instructions and plenty of screen shots.
Guide To Good Text in Microsoft Office 2008
By Steve Schwartz
Apr 25, 2008
In this sample chapter from Microsoft Office 2008: Visual QuickStart Guide, author Steve Schwartz shows you step-by-step and with tons of visuals how to format your text so that all of your documents look good in the Office.
How To Buy and Rent Media To Play on Your Apple TV
By Jeff Carlson
May 2, 2008
In this excerpt from The Apple TV Pocket Guide, Second Edition, author Jeff Carlson tells you how to buy cool stuff to watch on your Apple TV using either your computer or the Apple TV itself.

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